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Galaxy Z Fold 3 features released for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Tab S5e tablet in 2019. This unique Android mid-range tablet from the tech giants will receive a new software update. The latest version of the Galaxy Tab S5e One UI adds some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 to this gadget. Since Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold, it has also introduced new features to its tablet users. Almost all of these features are found in Samsung's flagship S-Series tablets.

But the interesting thing is that Samsung will add these features to its Galaxy Tab S5e. For those who do not know, this mid-range tablet is almost out of software support. Since this gadget has received two major system updates, including One UI 2.x (Android 10) and One UI 3.x (Android 11), and due to the two-year limit of Samsung updates, it will not receive any more updates. p>

BingMag.com Galaxy Z Fold 3 features released for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Undoubtedly, Samsung is releasing these updates on older phones, without upgrading to the One UI UI version. . The new update will include a new OTA update and features such as Multi window, Edge window and Labs section. These features help to better multitasking and optimize tablets. Therefore, current users of the Galaxy Tab S5e tablet do not need to purchase a new tablet to experience more advanced software. Will take. Speaking of this Samsung tablet, it is not bad to take a brief look at this popular gadget. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a mid-range Android tablet with a beautiful appearance and very light weight that is not classified in the category of economy tablets. When you first get the Galaxy Tab S5e, the light weight and beautiful design of this tablet will surely impress you. Even with the keyboard accessories and the considerable weight, the Galaxy Tab S5e looks like a slim notebook.

The Galaxy Tab S5e measures 245 x 160 x 5.5 mm. So we are definitely dealing with one of the slimmest tablets on the market. Unfortunately, this has led to the removal of the headphone audio jack from the device, so users will need to connect their wired headphones to it using the USB-C conversion dongle provided in the device package. The USB-C port and the dedicated POGO port for connecting a smart keyboard are the only ports built into the Galaxy Tab S5e. This tablet does not have a dedicated S Pen slot and does not support any other external pens. Galaxy Tab S5e is equipped with 4 stereo speakers designed by AKG company. These speakers have powerful and high-quality audio output and will meet all the needs of users when playing videos and sounds.

High-quality Super AMOLED display with QHD resolution is the second most admirable component in the Galaxy Tab S5e. The visual quality of this display probably exceeds the expectations of users, and its high aspect ratio also attracts the attention of the audience. AMOLED displays have a higher color richness than LCD panels and display black more deeply. Thanks to the Snapdragon 670 chip and 4 GB of RAM, the Galaxy Tab S5e is able to provide a stable experience of the Android operating system. By playing various games such as PUBG on the Galaxy Tab S5e, you will notice its higher processing power than the Galaxy Tab S4. The design of the device has made it a more desirable option for gaming.

BingMag.com Galaxy Z Fold 3 features released for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Galaxy Tab S5e has 64 GB of internal memory, but Samsung is aware of the obsession of most of its audience with memory card support, and this tablet supports memory cards with a maximum capacity of 512 GB. This feature will allow you to store large collections of photos, videos and data on the Galaxy Tab S5e. According to Samsung, the 7040 mAh battery of the Galaxy Tab S5e will charge for a maximum of 14.5 hours. In fact, this battery will accompany users for a maximum of 1 working day. Watching 52-minute HD video on Netflix on a 4G platform consumes about 9 percent of your battery life.

The stunning camera is probably the last priority for users looking to buy a tablet. In fact, the camera has never been considered as one of the strengths of tablets. Tablets are not photo-centric and are often used for video calling. The Galaxy Tab S5e is equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel selfie camera. The quality of the images recorded by these cameras in acceptable lighting conditions is acceptable.

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