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Galaxy Z Flip 4 appeared in Geekbench with Snapdragon 8 generation 1 Plus chip

BingMag.com <b>Galaxy</b> Z <b>Flip</b> 4 <b>appeared</b> in <b>Geekbench</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> 8 <b>generation</b> 1 <b>Plus</b> chip

It looks like the new Samsung Galaxy F Flip 4 clamshell smartphone will be introduced to users interested in this type of phone this summer. Samsung will launch the smartphone in global markets as a replacement for its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which seems to be more popular than the Z Fold. We expect the fourth generation of these clamshell smartphones to be introduced with features such as a camera under the screen, and recently some specifications such as charging speed and battery capacity have been revealed. Now, according to the latest news, this clamshell smartphone has appeared on the Geekbench benchmark website, through which we have some of its specifications, such as its processor and memory, which we will examine in the following.

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Samsung clamshells have a large share of the clamshell smartphone market. This means that the tech giants in the field of smartphones have tasted success and are interested in achieving more success by continuing this very good trend. In this regard, the company will soon unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 4 clamshell smartphone. Samsung's upcoming clamshell smartphone with the model number SM F721U was recently spotted on the Geekbench benchmark. Examining this model number, we find that this clamshell phone is the same as the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The appearance of this phone in Geekbench gave us good information about some of its technical specifications.

BingMag.com <b>Galaxy</b> Z <b>Flip</b> 4 <b>appeared</b> in <b>Geekbench</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> 8 <b>generation</b> 1 <b>Plus</b> chip

According to information released from the Geekbench benchmark, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be available to users with 8 GB of RAM. However, you can expect different configurations from this clamshell smartphone. Samsung's new clamshell product scored 1,277 and 3,642 points in single-core and multi-core GeoBench tests, respectively. According to previous rumors, a 3700 mAh battery is said to be the power supply of this clamshell phone, which is about 400 mAh more than the battery capacity of the previous generation of this phone. Apparently, this battery gets its energy again with Samsung 25-watt charger, which again, compared to the previous generation 15-watt charger, Samsung has made positive changes in this area.

Latest rumors about the new generation Samsung clamshell phones suggest that the company will use a similar design to the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 3 in the design of their new generations. Samsung's new clamshells this year look more like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, according to the Universeice website. However, it is said that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may be equipped with a new generation of ultra-thin glass for greater durability. The same can be said for the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

BingMag.com <b>Galaxy</b> Z <b>Flip</b> 4 <b>appeared</b> in <b>Geekbench</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> 8 <b>generation</b> 1 <b>Plus</b> chip

Although most rumors have a similar design They point to Samsung's new clamshell, but Samsung is expected to consider lower margins for this year's handsets. The Korean tech giant also looks set to use a more advanced display and camera system for these phones. We expect to see the introduction of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 clamshell phones in the global market soon. We will probably hear more about this in the coming days.

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