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Galaxy A53 5G unveiled with Exynos 1280 processor without audio jack

BingMag.com <b>Galaxy</b> <b>A53</b> 5G <b>unveiled</b> with <b>Exynos</b> <b>1280</b> <b>processor</b> <b>without</b> <b>audio</b> jack

Samsung has finally decided to unveil its new handsets after the introduction of the Galaxy S22 flagship series, which has been very well received by users. With the introduction of its four new and mid-range smartphones, two of which are from the A series, namely the Galaxy A23 and A13, and two other products that belong to the M series, namely the Galaxy M33 and M13, it has made a difference. But that's not the end of the story, as recent revelations suggest that a new A-series phone, the Galaxy A53 5G, will be launched soon. The new handset is said to be powered by an Exynos 1280 processor; This is while the Exynos 1200 was previously mentioned as the beating and possible heart of this Samsung phone. It is also said that the 3.5 mm audio jack will be removed from this phone, and it seems that the process of removing the audio port of Samsung phones will reach the company's mid-range phones as well.

According to the latest information released, the Galaxy A53 5G is approaching the day of its introduction. In recent weeks, some of the possible specifications of this smartphone have been released in cyberspace, according to which the Exynos 1200 processor will be the beating heart of this phone. But in the latest revelations, this is the responsibility of the Exynos 1280 processor. It should be noted that little is known about this Samsung processor, but it is speculated that the Exynos 1280 is a processor with a 5-nanometer manufacturing process that is functionally located between the Exynos 1080 and 1200 chips.

BingMag.com <b>Galaxy</b> <b>A53</b> 5G <b>unveiled</b> with <b>Exynos</b> <b>1280</b> <b>processor</b> <b>without</b> <b>audio</b> jack

As you probably know, most Samsung phones and tablets now use MediaTek or Qualcomm chips. But according to published reports, Samsung wants to significantly increase the number of phones based on Exynos chips by 2022. The company is said to be working on at least two high-end chips, a mid-range chip and a low-end chip. Apart from these issues, it is said that the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G uses a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with FHD + resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.

This new product of the Korean technology giant has 8 GB of RAM. It does, but the geekbench data of this new phone showed that there is another model with 6 GB of RAM. Therefore, you can expect the Galaxy A53 5G to be available in two models with 8.6 GB of RAM and 256.128 GB of internal memory. Regarding the camera system of this smartphone, it should be said that it uses four lenses, which include a 64-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, and two 5-megapixel macro and depth-of-field cameras. It should be noted that the 32-megapixel selfie sensor is built into the front panel of this phone, which users can use to make video calls and take selfies.

BingMag.com <b>Galaxy</b> <b>A53</b> 5G <b>unveiled</b> with <b>Exynos</b> <b>1280</b> <b>processor</b> <b>without</b> <b>audio</b> jack

The power supply of the Galaxy A53 is a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh, which recharges its power with a 25 watt charger. This phone is 8.1 mm thick and weighs 190 grams. MicroSD memory card support for adding 1TB of memory is also part of the Galaxy A53 5G specs. Other specifications of this new Samsung product include IP67 certification and Gorilla Glass 5 as its screen protector. It is also said that this product will be available in two colors, white and blue, with a possible price of $ 499.

It is not bad to remind that this company is from the previous generation of this phone, ie A52 5G in March. unveiled last year. The Galaxy A52 5G uses a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a resolution of 1080p +. On the back panel of this phone, there are 4 cameras, the main camera uses a 64-megapixel sensor and optical image stabilization. Next to it is a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and we should also mention the 5-megapixel macro camera and 5-megapixel depth sensor. The Snapdragon 750G is the beating heart of this phone, which is powered by a 4500 mAh battery and has a 15-watt charger inside the box.

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