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Future Apple Watches may come with a fingerprint sensor

BingMag.com <b>Future</b> <b>Apple</b> <b>Watches</b> <b>may</b> <b>come</b> with a <b>fingerprint</b> sensor

Apple is very slow in introducing not-so-special features of its products. The company's general rule of thumb for adding new features is that if a feature was present in the previous 3 generations of an Android flagship, you can expect it to appear in next year's Apple product. However, there is one feature that is somewhat missing from most modern wearables, and that is the fingerprint sensor. At the rate technology is advancing, it almost seems strange that no company has tried putting a fingerprint scanner on a smartwatch. In fact, it must be said that some manufacturers only considered the idea of implementing a fingerprint scanner on a smart watch, and this category has not gone beyond this stage. But Apple's new patent has something to say about this.

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According to information Published on Patently Apple, Apple has successfully filed a patent for the next-generation Apple Watch fingerprint scanner with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Therefore, it can be interpreted that Apple is more interested in improving old features than pioneering them. According to the published images of this patent, the fingerprint sensor of the new generation of Apple Watches will be located next to the rotary button. This issue can be justified considering the size and shape of Apple Watches, but placing this sensor next to the rotating button raises at least two questions in the minds of users.

BingMag.com <b>Future</b> <b>Apple</b> <b>Watches</b> <b>may</b> <b>come</b> with a <b>fingerprint</b> sensor

First, given that fingerprint scanners are usually integrated with a dedicated button (for example, the power button on phones), why would Apple add another button to put the sensor on its smartwatch? Will embed? Naturally, it makes more sense to integrate the fingerprint sensor with the Apple Watch's rotary button. The only logical explanation of this patent is that maybe Apple will add another mechanism to this smart watch along with adding a fingerprint sensor button.

Another question that may arise for users is why Apple Doesn't it put the fingerprint sensor under the Apple Watch display? The answer to the second question seems much simpler. It must be said that Samsung has been doing this for years and is struggling with problems in this matter. But we must not forget that smart Watches will never be the user's main device for doing daily tasks. So there aren't many security concerns in this regard.

But Apple is always Apple and never puts anything untested into its products. From time to time, various news about Apple's registered patents are published in the news media, and it is not bad to mention some of them. The American tech giant recently revealed by filing a patent that it is testing different ways to place the camera on the Apple Watch. This Apple patent shows that users can detach a part of the watch from its case if needed, because some users wear the smart watch on their wrist with the rotating button facing inward. Also, Apple researchers plan to equip the rotating button with a flash so that users do not face problems when taking pictures in low light.

BingMag.com <b>Future</b> <b>Apple</b> <b>Watches</b> <b>may</b> <b>come</b> with a <b>fingerprint</b> sensor

The other Cupertino patent informs about a keyboard that can turn an iPad into a Mac due to its mechanism. This keyboard seems to be more than just an ordinary keyboard, and if the idea becomes a reality, it will be an interesting product. Apple's new patent describes a base system with an electromechanical keyboard and a hinged interface that can be attached to the iPad in various modes, including laptop mode.

Another report says that Apple's new patent Refers to a glass or ceramic MacBook with touch controls. This patent has invisible holes in its body through which notification icons can be displayed with interactive buttons. It remains to be seen which of these very interesting ideas of the Apple team will emerge.

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Source: Phonearena

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