Full technical specifications of Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were leaked

Yesterday, the famous revealer in the field of technology, John Praser, according to a very reliable source, shared the complete technical specifications of the Pixel 6 series phones with users.

BingMag.com Full technical specifications of Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were leaked

Yesterday, the famous revealer in the field of technology, John Praser, according to a very reliable source, shared the complete technical specifications of the Pixel 6 series phones with users.

Rumors about new Google phones have been heard for a long time. Google has been producing smartphones for many years, but in very small numbers, so that every year we see one or finally two flagships of this company, and in the best case, an intermediary is available after them. Naturally, this is not what makes Google famous among users. Of course, if Google's performance in this area was perfect, the supply in small numbers and limited markets could be somewhat ignored. The problem is that Google's performance so far has been relatively poor and its phones are expensive and not as good as other existing phones. They come from well-known brands such as Samsung and Apple.

It seems that the American company, which has shifted its focus to Android, its popular operating system, intends to perform not so well after years. Surprise the market with the launch of the Pixel 6 series handsets. Phones that are most likely to be marketed in both standard and pro models, and according to the renderings, they also have a very special and beautiful design.

So far, rumors and news about the Pixel 6 series phones Many have been published, including the use of custom processors, beautiful and eye-catching design, color scheme and things like that. But yesterday, one of the most famous tech whistleblowers, John Praser, was able to access the full information of Google's new handsets and share it with users through a source that Praser calls "very reliable." Of course, we do not have any evidence to prove that this source's statements are credible, but when there is a revelation with this brilliant record behind them, this news can be trusted to a great extent.

Google Pixel Hardware Differences 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

BingMag.com Full technical specifications of Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were leaked

As mentioned, this time Google intends to launch its own flagships Go to market with a new extension. Previously, the standard model was sold in the same way as the larger model with the XL extension, but this time Google decided to act a bit like the well-known brands in the market and name its larger phone the Pixel 6 Pro. Thus, it should be expected that the larger model, in addition to the larger display, will perform better in other areas than the standard model.

According to John Praser, the 6 Pro 6-pixel display will be 6.71 inches. It is noticeably larger than the 6.4-inch Pixel 6 display. On the other hand, the Pro model has better performance in other areas as well, including a 48-megapixel telephoto lens, 4 GB more RAM (possibly 8 vs. 12), a higher-capacity battery, a better quality selfie camera (slightly), and most likely , 512 GB of internal memory in the most expensive model mentioned. Thus, the Pixel 6 Pro is always with the best in the market, but whether we want to say whether it will be better than them or not, we have to check this phone in other sections as well.

The Pixel 6, however, seems to be relatively flagship. By 2020, Google, the Pixel 5, which was in fact a powerful and high-quality intermediary, will make great progress and we will see improvements in many areas. These include the original 50-megapixel sensor and 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, 4614 mAh battery, 8 GB of RAM (similar to the Pixel 5) and 128.256 GB of internal memory. Also, the default operating system that will be installed on both models is Android 12.

It seems that in the camera section, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will probably use a set of main and ultra-wide cameras with The difference is that in the Pro model, we will also see a 48-megapixel telephoto sensor, which is said to allow 5x optical magnification to the Google representative. In addition, the selfie camera sensor will be upgraded from 8-megapixel by 6-megapixel to 12-megapixel in the Pro model.

The battery used in the 6-pixel Pro model will be 5,000 megapixels, which is a significant difference from the sample. It is not used in the standard model, but it seems to be enough to be able to handle this phone with an OLED display with a size of 6.71 inches. Of course, if the image resolution and refresh rate announced in relation to these phones are correct. It should be noted that the battery with the same capacity can be seen in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which also has a very good performance.

According to the published news, the Pro model looks like many of the powerful flagships of the market from Refresh 120. Hz will be reduced while this standard will be reduced to 90 Hz in the standard model; That is, just like what we saw in Pixel 5. But we do not know what the screen quality of these phones will be, but in both of them, it seems that the screen resolution reaches FHD + and no more. It should be noted that the Pro model's display is slightly curved towards the corners, while the standard model uses flat edges, each with its own fan and critic.


BingMag.com Full technical specifications of Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were leaked

The processor is the only thing that can help us decide if the Pixels can be compared to other powerful phones on the market. As mentioned before, the processor that Google plans to consider for its two new products is custom and is known as the Whitechapel.

As far as we know, the processing power of this processor is not that high. To compare it to the Snapdragon 888 or the Exynos 2100 and A14, but it is said to be able to match the pixels with the Snapdragon 870-powered products, which means that Google phones should be a serious competitor to last year's flagships or this year's flagships.

We expected Google to build a proprietary processor, and considering that the world is facing a shortage of powerful chips these days, and that problem is not going to happen even in the next year. Resolved, so using a processor that is compatible with the Snapdragon 870 can be generally acceptable. Because even the flagships equipped with Snapdragon 870 have a very high hardware capacity and do not have problems running applications or PlayStation games at the highest possible speed and quality.

Of course, it seems that Google intends to represent these phones. Samsung's new target is the Galaxy S21 series, which managed to shine in the market. Therefore, it seems unlikely that Google can be a serious competitor to the Korean company. At least in this series this will not happen; Because Samsung reduced the price of its products by about $ 200, and instead removed a series of features such as QHD + display and curved edges, so that the two standard and plus models of this series are very worth buying.

Google may be able to challenge Samsung's representatives in terms of raw processing power by applying a series of software optimizations (because it is both the software maker and the hardware maker of Google itself), but what Google has to do first Come on, the supply of these phones is relatively low. Because once we saw the strange pricing policy of this company when launching the Pixel 4 series phones, and the result was nothing but the failure of Google.

We have no idea that a phone made by Google with 12 GB of memory How expensive can RAM and 512 GB of internal memory be? But perhaps on the other hand, Google's software support for its flagships can partly justify the high price of its handsets, although these days Samsung and OnePlus are also updating their flagships for three years. So Google will have to upgrade its handsets to the new operating system in about 5 years, which of course has been published in this regard, and it seems that such a decision is in the company's plans. It remains to be seen whether Google will do just that, as previously the Pixel series phones were only updated to the new operating system for three years.

However, even if the security update period is five years, it will still be open. Both appropriate and satisfactory; For the company, which had previously tried hard to appear in this segment in the size of Apple, which last time, put a product with a lifespan of more than 5 years in the list of support for the iOS operating system. Not only did this not happen, but Google also lagged behind a company like Samsung. However, we hope Google realizes that a combination of good performance in software, hardware, and pricing can be effective in satisfying users, and that weakness in even one of these areas can lead to failure in today's highly competitive market. p>

Unfortunately, we do not know exactly when Google will unveil the flagships of the Pixel 6 series, but it is said that one day in October of this year (October-November 1400) we should see the unveiling of these phones. Of course, this date may change in the coming days, weeks or months, so for now, consider all the news on this topic as a rumor.

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