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France again forced Apple to launch the iPhone with handsfree in that country

BingMag.com France again forced Apple to launch the iPhone with handsfree in that country

At the same time as introducing the iPhone 12, Apple announced that it was no longer going to put the charger adapter and cordless handsfree inside the iPhone case. This year, the iPhone 13 went on the market without these items in its box, but apparently France is not satisfied with Apple's action and for the second year in a row, it has forced Apple to include the handsfree in the iPhone box so that it does not break the law./p>

In France, there is a concern that smartphones are bombarding the brain with the energy of radio waves. As a result, a law has been passed in the country that says users, especially those under the age of 14, should be encouraged not to put their smartphones around their heads.

According to the same law, Apple For the past two years, the iPhone has been introduced to the French market with cordless handsfree (previously included in the iPhone 11 box and earlier) to protect French children from being picked up by radio waves from smartphones.

Under the same law, Apple encourages French users not to put the iPhone around their heads by offering handsfree in iPhone 12 and 13 boxes.

In fact, the law requires that devices with a Provide accessories that can limit the user's exposure to radioactive radiation while using the phone. Specifically, this paragraph refers to products such as Earpods, which are the same as Apple's old handsfree, and the user will not need to hold their smartphone next to their ear using it.

One of the users, nicknamed Recklessss For its own sake, it has unveiled Apple's "box in box" idea, which has been used in France for the past two years.

BingMag.com France again forced Apple to launch the iPhone with handsfree in that country

Apple puts its iPhones in two boxes in this country. In fact, the standard iPhone case, which is available in global markets, is housed in another case in France, which also carries the company's cordless handsfree.

Therefore, when French users open the first case, they first They will be confronted with the standard iPhone case, and after removing it, they will see the handsfree case below the main case.

Outside of France, the iPhone case, in addition to the phone itself, only hosts the charger cable Lightning to USB-C. Apple surprised many users and even its competitors by removing the charger and handsfree adapter from the box of the iPhone 12.

They have mentioned limited elements in the earth. The American giant hopes to reduce its carbon emissions to zero by 2030.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that users can use the charger of their older iPhones, or a new charger from Apple stores.

BingMag.com France again forced Apple to launch the iPhone with handsfree in that country In 2011, the World Health Organization announced that 31 Fourteen countries have concluded that the waves emitted by smartphones can be carcinogenic to humans. The waves found in cell phones are similar to those emitted during microwave cooking, the agency said. These non-ionizing waves can also damage human DNA.

But in addition to this research, the French have other reasons to worry about the waves emitted by smartphones. Ten years ago, a study found that people who used cell phones for 10 years were twice as likely as others to develop a type of brain tumor called glioma.

This is even more troubling for children; Because this age group has a narrower skull, and this factor can cause the waves to penetrate deeper into their brains.

Of course, the mobile industry has always denied the propagation of deadly waves by mobile phones and says there is no evidence to prove this. No.

Source: Phone Arena

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