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Four practical tricks to speed up working with Gmail

BingMag.com Four practical tricks to speed up working with Gmail

Saving time is very important in the lives of busy people. For these people, saving even one more second is valuable. It may not seem like much fun, but if you find that you, like me, lack time during the day, it might be interesting for you to continue. If you look at the picture below, you will see the number of my emails, which are really difficult to manage and read. Now we are going to talk about an important secret. Make a few smart adjustments to your email to get back not just the seconds, but many minutes of your day that you normally spend on junk and email-centric tasks. The important and interesting point is that you do not need to pay anything to do these things! The subject of this article in BingMag is to review four or four clever tricks to speed up working with Gmail. These tricks are:

1) Keyboard shortcuts

BingMag.com Four practical tricks to speed up working with Gmail

The first and most effective way to enhance Gmail performance and speed up it is undoubtedly the use of keyboard shortcuts. Superhuman is one of the key components. This $ 30 plugin is so great that some of the most powerful in the tech world accept it. However, the truth is that the equivalent of the same superpower can be easily obtained without paying that price.

The Gmail keyboard shortcut system has great potential. For example, when you are writing a message, whether it is a new email or a reply to an email, you can use tools that can do different things with a few simple keys.

a) Write An Email Message

BingMag.com Four practical tricks to speed up working with Gmail

  • Using Ctrl-Shift-C on Windows or Cmd-Shift-C On a Mac, the hidden cc field is detected by default and puts you in a place where you can easily start typing.
  • Using Ctrl- Shift-B You can do the previous option with the bcc field. It should be noted that in this description, the phrase is Ctrl for Windows, and if you are using a Mac operating system, you should use the Cmd button instead. Also in the image above, we have all the shortcuts that can be used on your Mac.
  • Ctrl-Shift-D buttons save your draft email.
  • You can email via Ctrl-Enter Send yourself.
  • If you want to have a numbering list in your email, you must use the Ctrl-Shift-7 buttons.
  • With Ctrl-Shift-8 you create a list Which has no number and exists instead of bold bullet numbers.
  • If you want to redirect your text, the Ctrl- [option is right for you.
  • Also Ctrl -] can put your text in quotation marks without any problems, ahead of the rest of the text.
  • Finally, Ctrl-Shift-9 applies blockquote formatting to your text.

b) Inbox emails and messages

BingMag.com Four practical tricks to speed up working with Gmail

  • From the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard, you can see different messages and change them.
  • You can open a message using X.
  • Enter or O will open the email.
  • The E key will archive your email.
  • Using # you can easily Delete an email.
  • You can go back to your inbox with GI wherever you are.
  • You must use GD to view your draft messages.
  • You can use `Go to the next section and use ~ to return to the previous section you were in.

c) View personal messages h3>

BingMag.com Four practical tricks to speed up working with Gmail

  • If there is more than one message in the replicas, the button; Displays and explains all the answers to you and the: button returns all of them.
  • P highlights the previous message in the subject, while N highlights the next answer (replay). Highlights for you.
  • Enter or O changes your selected reply to open.
  • } Buttons archive the current message and take you directly to the next message ( Newer) wins in the list. { archives the current message and takes you to the previous (old) email.
  • R Opens a new reply in the standard window. Shift-R opens a response in a completely new window in the browser. A does the same with all answers. Shift-A also opens all the answers in a new browser window.
  • F forwards your email; While Shift-F forwards that message and opens a new message in a separate window.
  • L Opens the Label menu. You can then simply start typing the label name and press Enter to appear.
  • V Opens the Move To menu which works like the Label menu except that it archives an email and at the same time Apply any tag you choose to remove it from your Inbox. D) Any message list on the Gmail website

    BingMag.com Four practical tricks to speed up working with Gmail

    • Shift-C lets you write a new message in a new (small) window.
    • C Opens the standard writing tool for writing a new message.
    • D Opens a completely separate tab for writing your email.

    Now, actually get used to it. Using these shortcuts is another challenge. My trick is to focus on one or two basic shortcuts that you always use. You will get used to these shortcuts over time and start using new shortcuts. If you think you have a lot of them and you can not use them, be assured that this will happen and you will not use them. If you master your brain to use two of them first, for example, you will soon master a large number of these shortcuts.

    If you, like me, tried to do some of the above Try but failed, you should know that To use these shortcuts, you must first enable them. If you have not already done so, click on the settings icon (gear) to enable it. Click the top right corner of the site. Click See all settings. Now scroll down to Keyboard shortcuts. Change this option to On and make sure you save the changes. Easy!

    2) Custom keyboard shortcuts

    BingMag.com Four practical tricks to speed up working with Gmail

    Gmail internals are great, but you do not have to stop there to get your whole mind to them. First, Gmail has a separate option that allows you to customize your native keyboard shortcuts to make them more specific to your needs. To find and activate it, follow these steps:

    • Go back to the Gmail website settings and click on the Advanced tab at the top of the page.
    • Then click on Custom keyboard shortcuts. Tap and change it to Enable.
    • Finally, click Save Changes to apply the changes.
    • Gmail will be reloaded again at this point. You can then go back to the settings and see what has been added in the Keyboard Shortcuts section.

    For example, I would like to make some changes for myself in this section. I have enabled the ESC button so that I can use it to access the Gmail inbox. This is just the beginning so you can have a custom shortcut page for yourself.

    3) Smart shortcut plugins

    It is true that we put this in the last section, but there is no reason to underestimate the importance of this section. You can use these tricks to speed up your work with Gmail and create new windows to use Gmail for yourself.

    If you check your emails one after the other, make these settings :

    • Go to Gmail Settings.
    • Click Advanced.
    • Change Auto-advance to Enable. <//> li>
    • Click the Save Changes button.
    • From now on, every time you delete or archive a message, the next email will automatically open for you.

    If you want emails to be all organized and archived after reading, you should follow these steps:

    • See General in Settings.
    • >
    • Click Send and Archive.
    • Now select Send & Archive 'button in reply.
    • Save all items.
    • Now in each email, after sending a reply, the email is automatically archived or archived.
    • The golden point is that by activating this item, after writing the reply Emails are sent without any action, just press Ctrl-Enter to both reply and archive emails.

    You can also change the number of emails displayed per page from 50 to 100. To do this,

    • go to Gmail settings.
    • Click Maximum page size.
    • Change the number from 50 to 100


    In this article, we tried to suggest ways to increase the speed of working with Gmail by examining various tricks. Whether we like it or not, we all have to use Gmail and send messages. Some people use it a lot and some people use it very little once a month! Even someone who uses Gmail once a month can use the above tricks to make Gmail a fun environment and not spend a lot of time using it. Try to use the above tricks and the benefits that Gmail gives you.

    Which of the above tricks do you use? Introduce them to us.

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Source: fastcompany

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