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A fossil of a Jurassic flying dragon has been discovered in Chile

Chilean scientists have discovered the fossil of a dinosaur called the "flying dragon", the first example of its kind in the southern hemisphere. >

According to a recent report in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, paleontologist Osvaldo Rojas, director of the Atacama Desert Museum of Natural History and Culture, discovered the fossils and then worked with scientists. The University of Chile has been studied.

This Jurassic dinosaur, discovered in the Atacama Desert and belonging to the early Pterosaurs family, lived on Earth 160 million years ago and its fossil was previously only Found in the Northern Hemisphere.

This bird dinosaur had large wings, a long, sharp tail with sharp teeth protruding, and the fossil found is the oldest known species of petrusor in Chile. "This is a sign," said Jhonatan Alarcon of the University of Chile, who led the study. "The distribution of these animals is wider than what has been known so far."

BingMag.com A fossil of a Jurassic flying dragon has been discovered in Chile

The Atacama Desert, with its Martian-like features, has become a breeding ground for dinosaur fossils.
Credit: Alamy

There are petrusors in Cuba that were apparently coastal animals, so the recent discovery could also be a sign of species migration between the North and South American continents, thought to have been linked in ancient times by a supercontinent called the Gondwana. The Atacama Desert, known as the Astronomers' Paradise, is now a popular place to discover dinosaur fossils in addition to its observational features. A desert-like view of the surface of Mars that was underwater in prehistoric times.

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Sources: The Hill, NY Post

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