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Former SpaceX employees spoke of the company's annoying work culture

BingMag.com <b>Former</b> <b>SpaceX</b> <b>employees</b> <b>spoke</b> of the <b>company's</b> <b>annoying</b> <b>work</b> culture

SpaceX seems to be helping to deal with work-related injuries, despite significant advances in technology, and now claims some of its Former employees. There is evidence of sexual harassment in this company.

It turns out that Tesla is not the only company in which the issue of sexual harassment has been raised in the collection under the supervision of Ilan Mask. Following previous reports of misconduct at the company, six other Tesla workers have now complained about sexual harassment allegations. On the other hand, women who previously worked at SpaceX, including mission engineer Ashley Kosak and four others in an interview with The Verge, accused the company of making little effort to prevent sexual harassment.

SpaceX male employees reportedly had numerous unpleasant behaviors, speech, and physical contact. Kosak claimed that one of his colleagues went so far as to insist on touching him at his home. Meanwhile, a Former CrowleyFarenga intern who complained about SpaceX in 2020 said that a male employee stopped hiring him after reporting his domineering behavior.

Apparently SpaceX He was reluctant to take significant action in this regard. While these women reported incidents to SpaceX Human Resources, the company appears to be more interested in keeping the company's plans on track than it is in focusing on harassment.

On the human resources side, the company asked Kosak to offer a solution to prevent sexual harassment, but no further action was taken, and it appears that Brian Bjelde, the head of human resources and also the chairman of Gwen Shuttle, Gwynne Shotwell) was unaware of her allegations when she met Kusak. It will carry out its actions within the company and independently. He also reiterated SpaceX's no-A-hole policy, saying that victims of harassment should continue to report incidents to human resources or managers. Shuttle, however, did not address concerns about the company's retaliatory goals.

All affected women attribute the problems to the company's leadership and culture, which prioritizes the mission over workers' welfare. According to Kosak, "Ilan Musk sees engineers as the resources to be extracted, not the people to be cared for."

Like a boys' club, women may have little chance of dealing with their harassment. If so, any long-term solution may require management changes and company policies, not just better implementation of existing policies.

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Cover Photo: SpaceX Headquarters in California
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Source: Engadget

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