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The former Google CEO expressed concern about Facebook's Metavers project

BingMag.com The former Google CEO expressed concern about Facebook's Metavers project

Last Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg announced his decision to rename Facebook to "Meta". Apparently, this is part of his big plans to start the legendary Metavers project. Nobody knows exactly what Metavars is. But there will certainly be situations in which it is difficult to distinguish virtual reality from real life. There are different definitions of Metawares, but Facebook executives say that Metawares is a collection of virtual spaces that you can use to create content and surf with other people who are not in a physical space with you.

Facebook that Investing heavily in virtual and augmented reality, he announced that the change would put a variety of applications and technologies under a new brand, and that the company would not change its organizational structure. Facebook has formed a product team focused on Metavars this year and has recently unveiled plans to hire 10,000 people in Europe over the next five years to work on the project.

BingMag.com The former Google CEO expressed concern about Facebook's Metavers project

This may be a completely fictional theory of the future, but it looks like Facebook is now making its first clear investment in the Metavars project to build" Horizon Workrooms In this project, augmented virtual reality will be used to build a virtual office as well as the interaction of people in this environment. Meta, or Facebook, uses huge virtual reality technology to bring its platforms closer to a whole new dimension of the future.

Former Google CEO believes that all of these ideas could be a big mistake

Schmidt does not accept the mindset that is so prevalent in popular movies and stories, that working on artificial intelligence would eventually lead to a robot that is 10, 100, or 1,000 times smarter than humans. will be. Ilan Mask has also repeatedly supported this mentality. "My response to this is different," Schmidt said. "I think all the evidence shows that these AI systems do not think like humans, but they will be very smart and maybe we can live together." They will attack us and destroy us, they will affect our lives in other ways. The ways in which the method of combating it is not quite clear. Is it possible for this technology to see aspects of reality that we are not able to see? This is a question that Schmidt is unable to answer.

BingMag.com The former Google CEO expressed concern about Facebook's Metavers project

Coping with the dangers of old-fashioned social media, so how do we deal with Metawares?

Most of the time, we are unaware of the harm that social media does to us in a one-dimensional way. These media can cause many problems such as eating disorders and mental illness for teenagers. Virtual abusers such as cyber hackers are also rampant in these media. There are so many problems on social media that we have not yet found a definitive solution to them. Now suppose virtual media becomes a reality, then these problems will no doubt be much bigger than before.

Although Facebook is finally trying to rename itself social media by changing its name to meta. In the minds of users change, but the company is still the most widespread social media in the world. Most Facebook users are more likely to use new platforms such as TickTook and Snapchat. In an October poll, 81 percent of teens said they mostly use Instagram as their main platform. But if the Metavers project comes to fruition, then the situation will definitely be different. It remains to be seen where the story of Facebook Metavers, with its many margins, will go.

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