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The Ford Electric Mustang has joined the New York taxi fleet

BingMag.com The <b>Ford</b> <b>Electric</b> <b>Mustang</b> has <b>joined</b> the <b>New</b> <b>York</b> <b>taxi</b> fleet

The Ford Mustang Mach-e joins New York City's iconic yellow taxi fleet as the newest Electric vehicle. The Ford Mustang Mach E, with its New yellow rally cover and classic taxi symbols, is run by Gravity, a startup focused on its fleet of Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Ford Electric car has been used as a taxi, but it will not be the last. Gravity hopes to eventually launch a fleet of 50 Electric vehicles, including the Mustang Mach-e and the Tesla Model Y.

Moshe Cohen, the company's founder and CEO "I think the Mustang and the Model Y are kind of like the ideal taxi cars that are in vogue today," he said. In 2019, the New York taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) approved the Tesla Model 3 as the first Electric vehicle eligible to become a yellow taxi, and a year later the first Tesla Model 3 was seen in the city. In early 2021, motorcycle company Revel announced plans to launch 50 Tesla Model Y vehicles in Manhattan as a car rental fleet. New York, however, takes a different path. These Electric vehicles are now allowed to be used as taxis under the EV pilot program approved by the TLC in early 2021.

To do this and fully deploy the fleet, Gravity must first obtain a taxi badge. This is a license mark issued by city authorities that allows people to own and operate a taxi. The company is now certified by a taxi agency and therefore has to rent a taxi badge for now.

BingMag.com The <b>Ford</b> <b>Electric</b> <b>Mustang</b> has <b>joined</b> the <b>New</b> <b>York</b> <b>taxi</b> fleet

The Mustang Mach-e has passed the taxi and limousine commission approvals and inspections, but according to Chairman Gravity, other features are likely to be added that will need to be approved. On the other hand, Gravity has added other features to the car. The company has installed an artificial intelligence camera on the car that tracks the driver's face to prevent him from being distracted. It also tracks vehicle speeds and other driving characteristics to make sure drivers are working safely. Launches parking in Manhattan's Midtown neighborhood. The company also plans to install more chargers in the future, including high-speed 350-kilowatt chargers in the city.

In the United States, most taxi operators are incorporating Electric vehicles into their fleet, saving cost and potential. More for marketing. Car rental companies have also stepped in, with Hertz recently ordering 100,000 cars from Tesla. The news of the order boosted the shares of both companies and Tesla's value reached more than $ 1 trillion for the first time. : Gravity

Source: The Verge

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