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Folding Pixel and Pixel Watch may be introduced alongside Google Pixel 6

BingMag.com Folding Pixel and Pixel Watch may be introduced alongside Google Pixel 6

A few days ago, Google announced that the Pixel 6 series handsets will be officially introduced on October 19 (October 27). There is nothing left unsaid about these phones and all the details, big and small, have been revealed. But if the rumor spread by one of the whistleblowers is true, we will see the introduction of several other products at this event. We will be a watch. In addition, there is the possibility of introducing a number of smart speakers. It should be noted that none of these products, except for the Pixel 6, have received the necessary licenses from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Of course, the relevant licenses may be issued for these gadgets until the event.

BingMag.com Folding Pixel and Pixel Watch may be introduced alongside Google Pixel 6

Also, the introduction of Google clamshell phone at this event seems unlikely. But maybe the company will show pictures of it and offer limited information about this phone. According to reports, Google apparently wants to launch its clamshell phone by the end of this year.

The whistleblower has also hinted at the possibility of introducing a Pixel Tab tablet. It should be noted that the Pixel Slate is the latest tablet offered by Google, and the company has not released a new tablet in the past few years. In general, if this rumor is true, other sources will probably raise it in the coming days.


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