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Folding earphone against rolling; which one is better?

BingMag.com Folding earphone against rolling; which one is better?

Folding and rolling phones are making more and more noise and different companies want to try their luck in this field. But in the end, only one of these designs survives in the market, and in this article we want to answer the question, is a clamshell phone better or a roll-up phone?

Advantages of flexible phones

The most important advantage of flexible handsets is that they can fit a larger display in a body the size of a regular phone. Folding phones have taken the first step towards this goal, and now roll-up phones are getting ready for the market.

Features of foldable phones

BingMag.com Folding earphone against rolling; which one is better?

Folding phone, as its name suggests, has a display Benefits folding capability. These phones have plastic screens and hinges that allow the screen to be opened and closed. The display of this type of phone can be placed inside or outside.

Phones with an internal foldable display are less prone to damage after closing. These types of phones usually have a small or large screen on the outside that you can use for various tasks. If the screen is on the outside, you no longer need a secondary screen, and even when the phone is closed, you can use one side of the screen.

BingMag.com Folding earphone against rolling; which one is better?

However, if the display is placed on the outside, it is very easily damaged and therefore no other company uses this type of design for clamshell phones. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 have internal displays, but differ in the way they open and close. The Huawei Mate X also launched with an external display, but the company eventually switched to using an internal display. And the distance between the two parts of the panel are among the two major problems of this type of phone. As paper folds after folding, the same is true for clamshell displays, and no effective solution has yet been found.

BingMag.com Folding earphone against rolling; which one is better?

On the other hand, when the clamshell is closed, there is a small gap between the two parts of the display, which can cause problems in terms of dust entry and water penetration. Also, usually when the phone is closed, the hinge protrudes from the body, which destroys the uniformity of the body. Also, we should not miss the weight of this type of phone.

Features of roll-up phones

If you think making clamshells work It's very difficult, we have to say that the production of roll-up phones is even more complicated. Currently, only Oppo has been able to show a prototype of its rolling phone. Rolling earphones are made up of several moving parts, among which we can mention the central axis of the cylinders, the motors for display movement and the sliding frame. At present, no company has been able to launch a phone based on this mechanism.

BingMag.com Folding earphone against rolling; which one is better?

These types of phones are supposed to bypass the limitations of clamshell phones. The display of such phones does not show any wrinkles and there is no space between the screens. With roll-up phones, you no longer need a secondary display, and a regular phone can be turned into a tablet.

Which is better?

Introducing roll-up phones Folding does not mean that clamshell phones are useless overnight. Although this type of phone has many advantages, it is an emerging folding technology and it will take time to solve all its problems.

Although roll-up phones have not yet hit the market, but due to the mechanism A large part of the interior space of the body should be sacrificed for this issue to make the movement of the screen possible. As a result, we will probably encounter smaller batteries, which will reduce battery life and user dissatisfaction.

BingMag.com Folding earphone against rolling; which one is better?

In addition, these types of phones are likely to be less resistant to water and dust than clamshell phones. Folding screens are easily damaged, and roll-up phones are likely to be more vulnerable. On the other hand, there is no doubt that these types of phones will be on the market at a higher price than clamshell phones for a long time.

Last word

There is currently no clear winner between rolling and folding handsets. Both technologies are still in their infancy, and although clamshell phones hit the market a few years earlier, roll-up phones could soon be gaining traction if they address some of their competitors' problems. But no matter what happens, as you can see, innovation in the smartphone industry will not go away any time soon.

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