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Flash memory against external hard drive; which one is better?

BingMag.com <b>Flash</b> <b>memory</b> <b>against</b> <b>external</b> <b>hard</b> <b>drive;</b> <b>which</b> <b>one</b> is better?

If for any reason you want to use larger storage memory, you are probably thinking of buying a Flash drive or external hard drive. But other than capacity and price, what are the differences between the two and which is a better option? We will answer this question below.

external hard drive; Cheap, bulky, slow They offer high. However, their most important weakness is low speed. Usually the maximum read and write speed of these drives reaches 200 MB per second. Common external hard drives are HDDs that use a rotating disk. This is why it takes a few seconds to activate the cable when you connect it to the computer. When there is a long time left unused, the disk must be rotated again when transferring the file.

Since there is a mechanical arm inside the HDD, you should be careful to use it as it may Even a small blow can cause problems. So if the speed of the HDD external hard drive is not important to you and you are not worried about their low durability, such a product can meet your needs well. For example, for tasks such as storing files that you sometimes need, external hard drives are ideal.

Flash memory; Small and fast

BingMag.com <b>Flash</b> <b>memory</b> <b>against</b> <b>external</b> <b>hard</b> <b>drive;</b> <b>which</b> <b>one</b> is better?

If capacity has a lower priority than size and speed, then probably Flash memory is a better option for you. Overall, the most important problem with Flash drives is their low capacity relative to external hard drives. Although there are high-capacity Flash drives on the market, these models are very expensive. . Also, because of this advantage, they are more durable and we should also mention their very small size. There are many different models of Flash memory, and if speed is very important to you, be sure to research the models you want before buying. one of the most important features to consider is the Flash memory support for the minimum USB 3.0 standard. Because if it only supports older USB standards, you will have a lot of problems with speed. Of course, if your system does not have a USB 3.0 port, you do not need to pay attention to this feature to buy Flash memory.

Last word

So there is no clear winner between Flash memory and external hard drive and Finally, depending on your budget and needs, you can choose from them.

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