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The first renderings of the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet have been released

BingMag.com The first renderings of the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet have been released

The Galaxy Tab S7 series consists of three models, and according to published reports, Samsung will unveil three replacements for these tablets in 2022. It was announced some time ago that the Galaxy Tab S7 Ultra tablet will use a giant 14.6-inch display, and now, thanks to the release of the first renderings attributed to the Galaxy Tab S8, we can go into the design details of this tablet.

Galaxy Tab S8 from In appearance, it is very similar to the previous generation, and around its 11-inch screen, we see uniform edges. It is said that the display of this tablet is based on LCD technology and its refresh rate reaches 120 Hz. On the back panel, details such as the antenna line and the magnetic section of the S Pen are just like the S7 tab, and even the design of the dual camera module has not changed.

BingMag.com The first renderings of the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet have been released

It is said that the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the power button, and although we will not see any change in appearance, but instead Samsung has paid special attention to the hardware of this tablet. Is. According to rumors, this tablet uses the Snapdragon 888 chipset or even the Snapdragon 898, which means it will have a lot to say in terms of performance.

The Galaxy Tab S8 is expected to be priced at around $ 850 in early 2022. Reach. In the Android ecosystem, Samsung is one of the few major companies still working on flagship tablets, and we'll have to see if the S8 Tab series can grab users' attention.

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