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The first orbit test of the massive StarShip missile will take place in two months

BingMag.com The <b>first</b> <b>orbit</b> <b>test</b> of the <b>massive</b> <b>StarShip</b> <b>missile</b> will <b>take</b> <b>place</b> in <b>two</b> months

If all goes according to plan, the giant SpaceX SpaceX rocket, preparing for possible trips to the moon and Mars, could make its first orbital flight just two months later. SpaceX is developing a startup to take people and cargo to the moon, Mars and beyond. This vehicle consists of two parts: a first stage booster called "Super Heavy" and a spacecraft in the upper stage known as "Starship".

StarShip And Super Hui are both designed to be fully and quickly reusable. Both will also be powered by the new Raptor engine (33 engines for Super Hoy and 6 engines for Starship).

Ilan Mask, the company's founder and CEO, said: "It will soon have enough space for the first StarShip orbital test flight." And then we will take another month to integrate them with the missiles. "So we hope to test the orbital flight in May."

This targeting, however, still depends on the timely completion of environmental studies. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently investigating the launch of a StarShip facility at Starbase, a SpaceX facility in southern Texas. The investigation is scheduled to be completed by March 28, according to FAA officials. The vehicle consisted only of a StarShip spacecraft with a maximum of 3 Raptor engines that flew only about 10 km. The upcoming test orbital flight will be the first launch of a super-heavy amplifier, as well as the first launch of a six-engine StarShip spacecraft.

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The superhigh booster will land in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after takeoff. "At the same time, the upper echelon of the StarShip makes its way to orbit and once orbit our planet, and then, if all goes according to plan, it lands in the Pacific Ocean near the island of Kauai in Hawaii." Scheduled time for the first StarShip orbital flight has changed several times over the past year or so as the smallest unexpected event affects the development of a new launch vehicle, especially one that has not yet completed the monitoring process.

Cover photo: StarShip at the Starbis SpaceX facility in Boca Chika, South Texas
Credit: SpaceX

Source: Space

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