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The first images of life at an altitude of 585 km were released

BingMag.com The first images of life at an altitude of 585 km were released

The four astronauts on Inspiration Mission 4 have shared their first photos from the first all-city trip in history and are, as expected, quite excited. The images released on the Inspiration 4 mission account are in fact videos of four citizens-astronauts inside the Dragon SpaceX Resilience capsule happy to watch the debate. Enjoy the dazzling made possible by the installation of a large glass dome (Cupola). The large window in the capsule, instead of the permanent connection to the International Space Station.

These images are the first views of the life of the crew of the Mission of Inspiration 4 in orbit that have been released since their launch. Yesterday morning, Tehran time, the Falcon 9 rocket launched a manned Dragon capsule into space to be stationed at an altitude of 585 km, which is the highest altitude achieved by humans after the Apollo mission and the Hubble maintenance mission.

This team The mission wrote on Twitter: "The crew of Inspiration 4 had an incredible first day in space! They have orbited the planet more than 15 times since takeoff, making good use of the glass dome of the Dragon Capsule. sgc="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2109/25/12256-2.jpg" alt="BingMag.com The first images of life at an altitude of 585 km were released" loading="lazy"> Unlike traditional NASA flights, which typically include continuous video coverage from within. The Inspiration Flight 4 is a private mission led by billionaire entrepreneur Jared Isaacman.

So its crew can decide how much of their space experience to do. To share. Time Studios, in collaboration with Netflix, is also documenting the historic flight, the final part of which will be broadcast in late September, possibly with images taken from inside the capsule while in Earth orbit. Yesterday, SpaceX reported that the crew was healthy and indicated that they were performing tests and eating meals, but due to the delay in sending the first images from inside the capsule, there were some rumors about possible problems during The mission was created.

However, Elon Musk tweeted the rumors 9 hours before the images were released: "I'm talking to the Inspiration 4 crew now. Everything is fine." Since then, the mission team has shared more details of the crew's plans on the first day of the space voyage. (Saint Jude) also spoke. Haley Arceneaux, a cancer survivor, also represents the hospital. Geologist Sian Proctor and aerospace data engineer Chris Sembroski are other citizen-astronauts on the mission.

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Although scientific experiments are being carried out during this mission, the crew is also carrying out fundraising programs for St. Jude Hospital."/p>

hours after the Dragon capsule reached orbit, it shared a stunning image of Earth. This image was taken at a distance of 585 km from Earth and no manned space mission has traveled this distance from our planet since the last Hubble maintenance mission in 2009.

It is expected that the Dragon 4 mission manned capsule mission Return to Earth off the coast of Florida on Saturday, September 18. It is worth mentioning that this capsule had successfully returned to Earth once again in the mission of "Crew-1".

Photos: Images inside the resuscitation capsule in the mission of Inspiration 4

Credit: SpaceX/Inspiration4

Source: Space

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