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The first collection of rock samples from another planet was successful

BingMag.com The first collection of rock samples from another planet was successful

NASA finally confirms the success of the first Mars rock collection, which is slightly thicker than a pencil, after receiving data from a persistent astronaut

Contrary to the first attempt to empty the sampling tube, this time the data sent to the mission control center at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) confirms the success of the Mars sampling operation.

"NASA has a history of setting ambitious goals and achieving It has them that show our commitment to exploration and innovation. "This is an important achievement, and I look forward to seeing the remarkable discoveries of perseverance and the mission team." At the crater of Jezero, Mars is tasked with collecting rock and soil samples from the planet to bring to Earth. "Just as the Apollo missions to the moon showed the scientific value of bringing samples from other worlds, so we do with samples that the astronaut has diligently collected," he said. "Using the most sophisticated scientific tools on Earth, we expect amazing discoveries in a variety of scientific fields, including whether life once existed on Mars."

The first example That the first persistent attempt to sample Mars was not successful, this time the second attempt was more sensitive. With the perseverance of Rochette, the sampling process began on Wednesday, September 1. Moved so that the solid-zad camera could capture the contents of the still-closed tube and send it to the ground. Early images indicated the capture of the first sample of Mars rock, but more details were still needed. Finally, after confirming the presence of the rock in the sampling tube, the order to complete the sample processing was sent to the astronaut.

Serial number 266 and a Martian payload carried it inside to measure and image the rocky core. He then sealed the chamber by Hermes method (resistant to air entry and exit) and saved the tube by taking another image.

BingMag.com The first collection of rock samples from another planet was successful

Graphic design of a persistent drilling rig in the rocks of Mars
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltec

Larry "With more than 3,000 units, the sampling and storage system is the most sophisticated mechanism ever sent into space," said Larry D. James, interim director of JPL. The perseverance team is very excited and proud to see that this system has performed so well on Mars and we have taken the first step to bring the sample to Earth. "Operations involving a global team of NASA, business partners, academia, and international space agencies." (Artuby) is a ridge area with more than 900 meters and the border of two Martian units. The area is thought to contain the deepest and oldest bedrock layers at the crater.

  • "Holding the first sample is a turning point," said Ken Farley, a perseverance project scientist at the California Institute of Technology. "When we return the specimens to Earth, they will give us a lot of information about some of the earliest periods of Martian evolution." Much remains to be discovered at the crater that Farley says will require further exploration for months and years to come. , Will be completed. At that time, the perseverance traveled between 2.5 and 5 kilometers and may have filled eight of the 43 sampling tubes.

    It will then move west, which is the ancient delta region of the estuary. This area may be rich in minerals such as clay. On Earth, these minerals are often associated with biological processes and can retain fossilized traces of ancient microbial life. .

    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Source: NASA Science

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