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The first all-urban space mission in history orbited Earth

BingMag.com The first all-urban space mission in history orbited Earth

A few minutes ago, during the Inspiration 4 mission, four citizens traveled to Earth orbit by the Dragon SpaceX capsule, completely leading a space mission for the first time.

20:02 Eastern Time Zone (04:32 Tehran time) Today, with the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket engines on the 39A launch pad of Kennedy Space Base, another historic moment was marked by SpaceX. For the first time, four non-professional astronauts orbited a private company spacecraft to open a new chapter in human space travel.

BingMag.com The first all-urban space mission in history orbited Earth

Insurance and Hopes in the first all-urban space mission in history; Citizen-Astronauts Hours before launch
Credit: SpaceX

This mission, called "Inspiration 4" meaning Inspiration, is for the first time completed entirely in the presence of people who are not in The military acts, not as a professional astronaut. All human spaceflight to orbit has been performed by or by government agencies before, although they may have carried one or two ordinary citizens as passengers.

In contrast, Inspiration 4 It is a mission purchased by an ordinary citizen, carried out by a private company, and its main purpose is not to carry out scientific or military projects, but for leisure. If space is to become a place for thousands of people to live, work and play, human beings need non-governmental space missions, and this is the beginning of such an era.

BingMag.com The first all-urban space mission in history orbited Earth

Dragon manned capsule on Falcon 9 rocket
Credit: SpaceX

Travel Jared Isaacman, the wealthy founder of Shift 4 Payments and the buyer of the trip, did not want the mission to be seen as just a hobby for the rich, so he brought with him a variety of careers. Geologist and entrepreneur Sian Proctor, Haley Arceneaux, medical assistant at St. Jude Research Hospital, and Chris Sembroski, data aerospace engineer There are three other citizens who have accompanied Isaacman on this journey to experience a space journey./li>

Isaacman also a Through pre-, during- and post-launch awareness activities, it plans to raise $ 200 million to help St. Jude Research Hospital. Commenting on the mission, he said: "We know we are on the verge of an experience that has already been experienced by about 600 people and we are working hard to ensure that every moment we experience in the circuit is valuable and our expectations and It makes people aware of its importance. "

BingMag.com The first all-urban space mission in history orbited Earth

Citizen-astronaut health minutes after launching Inspiration Mission 4
Credit: SpaceX

During today's launch, the Dragon Resilience manned spacecraft will rise to an altitude of 575 km. The altitude that humans have climbed since the Apollo missions to the moon just for the Hubble Space Telescope maintenance mission. It landed unmanned, and at about 12 minutes the Dragon capsule detached from the second-stage booster and began its independent journey to successfully complete another part of the mission. Meanwhile, the images inside the capsule show the health of the citizen-astronauts.

The crew of this flight will spend three days in orbit around the Earth and experience its micropores, reaching the planned altitude. They also have the opportunity to see the earth and space through the new SpaceX glass dome with a 360-degree view.

Sources: SpaceX, ArsTechnica

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