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Finding lost AirPads is now much easier

BingMag.com Finding lost AirPads is now much easier

It seems that the process of finding lost AirPads is now much easier as Apple has many options for monitoring their location. Users.

Apple recently released an update for the AirPads Pro and AirPads Max, which made the process of finding lost AirPads much easier. So now if your AirPads get lost, you will have new options to find these small but expensive gadgets.

Initially, when iOS 15 was officially released, it was supposed to see We were able to do that, but we saw that this did not happen during the official release of this operating system. Fortunately, the American company really had such a plan in mind, and now, not long after the release of iOS 15, it made it available to users. Reputable websites such as 9to5Mac and MacRumors also confirmed the news and announced that today we should see the official release of the mentioned update for AirPods.

Find the location where this gadget was paired with the iPhone. Or by selecting an option, a sound is generated so that we can locate it more easily. But thanks to this new update, the user of this application has become much more. This way, the user can now receive signals from millions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs by activating a mode called Lost Mode, so that if your AirPads are within their Bluetooth range, your device can report the exact location to you.

Another feature called Find Nearby has been added to the app, which is actually very similar to Airtex in terms of application. That way, if you know the AirPads are near you but you can't find them, you can track their location with this feature. Since none of Apple's ipads or headphones use the U1 chip, you may not be able to pinpoint their location as accurately as the Airtex; For example, there is no direction to them, but words like "far", "near" or "here" can get you a little closer to finding them. Most importantly, if you leave the AirPads, a notification will be sent to you informing you that this is arguably one of the best features we could see in Apple products.

Unfortunately, Apple has a specific approach. Has not been set for the AirPads firmware update, so some users may not know what to do. In fact, this happens accidentally when the headphones are connected to the iPhone, but you can still check to see if you have the latest version of the update or if you have to wait for it to be released.

to check The update version of your AirPods is enough to go to the settings inside the iPhone or iPad tablet and in the General section and then About, select the AirPods option. Finally, you can see the updated version of your gadget in the firmware version.

The version of this update is 4A400, which makes the process of finding lost AirPads easier and adds more options to Find My. Of course, AirPads only means Pro and Max models, because for the standard model, the same options as before are available. Of course, it is expected that with the arrival of the third generation of AirPads, we will be able to see the addition of new tracking capabilities. However, nothing is certain in this regard.

Source: The Verge

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