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The final verdict in the Epic Games and Apple case was issued; Big win for Chinese store

BingMag.com The final verdict in the Epic Games and Apple case was issued; Big win for Chinese store

As you know, Apple and Epic Games over a series of cases, the most important of which was forcing Apple not to use a third-party payment gateway. They got into trouble together, so their case went to court. It took a year for the lawsuit to be settled, but finally on Friday morning, Judge Gonzalez Rogers issued his final verdict.

Apple has a tough rule in its App Store, and that too Do not allow developers to use their own payment gateway in apps or games. Of course, this was just one example of Apple's strictures because there are so many other restrictions that if you are an iPhone user, you will know them.

But Apple in the case that was opened for complaining about Epic Games It failed and now has 90 days to make the necessary corrections to its App Store policies. The main thing a Cupertino company has to do during this time is to put in-app payment options for other software development companies. Thus, Epic Games' attempt to put a purchase link in the Fortnite free game, which was removed from the App Store due to this problem, resulted, and the Chinese store no longer has to pay 30% tax on the Apple Store.

Interestingly, this victory also had consequences for Epic! The ruling states that Apple did not violate any contract, and in fact Epic Games should also pay damages to the company to compensate 30% of the tax that should have been paid to Apple for not determining a payment model for the quarter in 2020. As a result, Epic has to pay $ 3.65 million in damages to the American company just for that reason. While this is not the only damage to Apple in this regard.

Also, since Apple's decision to remove the Epic Games developer account from the Apple ecosystem was legally enforceable, Apple remains It may not allow Epic Games to bring its games into the App Store because, in Apple's view, Epic is a certified developer and is not licensed. The US company said it still has plenty of time to scrutinize the ruling and therefore will not make any changes to the App Store policy, at least today. The court, however, gave the company 90 days to make the necessary changes, the most important of which was to allow a third-party payment gateway to enter the store. Now we have to see what happens.

Source: Ars Technica

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