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The famous sheep goes to the moon with the Artemis 1 mission

BingMag.com The <b>famous</b> <b>sheep</b> <b>goes</b> to the <b>moon</b> with the <b>Artemis</b> 1 mission

The popular stuffed sheep from Massey Bottom Farm's animated series "Lamb Naqla" is about to go to the moon with the Artemis 1 mission.

"Shaun" (Shaun) the main character of the animated television series "Shaun the Sheep" or "Lamb Naqla" to accompany NASA's "Artemis 1" mission, which is scheduled to be launched at the end of August (early September)

This unusual and intelligent Shropshire lamb will go to the moon in the form of a plush doll on NASA's Orion spacecraft before returning to Earth. , will fly around the moon in a little over a month.

Their inclusion in the official Artemis 1 flight kit was arranged by the European Space Agency (ESA), which built the mission's power supply service module. .

"David Parker" (David Parker), European Space Agency's director of human and robotic exploration, said: "This is an exciting time for Sean and us at the European Space Agency. We are very pleased that he has been selected for this mission and we know that while this may be one small step for a man, it is one giant leap for a sheep.

The space agency also partnered with Aardman ) stopped-motion production studio Naqla collaborated to organize their real-life space adventure.

Lucy Wendover, Aardman Marketing Director, said: "Aardman is delighted to join the European Space Agency in making history with the launch of the first The sheep is excited to space. As one of the first astronauts to fly on the Artemis mission, Sean is one of the pioneers of lunar exploration, which is a great honor for our furry adventurer! What better way to celebrate than by going on a journey further than any other sheep.

BingMag.com The <b>famous</b> <b>sheep</b> <b>goes</b> to the <b>moon</b> with the <b>Artemis</b> 1 mission

As a spin-off from Erdman's other animated film Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the sheep first appeared in the 1995 short film The Three-Blade Correction. He is one of the inhabitants of the fictional farm "Mossy Bottom".

His first TV series was released in 2007 and since then it has been shown in 180 countries around the world. The series was also followed by two feature films, including 2019's A Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon, in which Shaun meets a space visitor.

To prepare For that film, Sean again flew as a plush doll with a team from the European Space Agency on a Zero-G flight to recreate the weightlessness experienced in space.

Agency In a statement announcing their participation in the Artemis 1 mission, European Space Agency noted that the flight "delivered a set of detailed training that all astronauts do in preparation for a space flight, and now he will experience them for real." /p>

Sean has now received even more training, traveling to various facilities in Europe and the US to see various aspects of moon mission preparation. Her journey has been documented and will be published in a series of posts on the ESA blog before the flight.

Artemis 1 is the first integrated test of the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. The background is manned flights to the moon. According to the Artemis program, NASA plans to land the first woman and the first person of color on the moon's surface and eventually establish a permanent presence on the Earth's moon.

Shan, however, is not the only figure of popular culture who will be on the first flight of Artemis. goes to the moon Four LEGO minifigures are also included in the official flight kit, and another unique doll, Snoopy, based on the famous beagle comic strip, will fly as the mission's zero-gravity marker.

Photos: Naqla lamb in space suit
Credit: ESA

Source: Space

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