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Familiarity with Persian smart assistants; Everything you need to know

BingMag.com Familiarity with Persian smart assistants; Everything you need to know

In 2011, Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S, an intelligent phenomenon And introduced a new one called Siri to the world; And this was the beginning of the historical era of smart assistants. After Siri, other companies entered the modern competition, resulting in the emergence of Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Bixby.

In addition to the attractive and amazing capabilities of these programs, due to the lack of Persian language support, many Persian speakers have not had the opportunity to use these smart assistants. It was that leading Iranian companies also entered the field and were able to design intelligent Persian assistants. These assistants are still being developed and improved.

Introduction of Persian Smart Assistants

BingMag.com Familiarity with Persian smart assistants; Everything you need to know

First of all It is good to know that Dobby does not support dialog mode. Which, of course, is not a strange thing for a developing assistant. Developers are also trying to improve Dobby performance by using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Interestingly, Dobby Many of the world's leading voice assistants have one striking difference: responding to user needs within the application space. No matter what you ask Dobby, she does not direct you to other programs, even if you want to watch movies or listen to music, everything happens in Dobby. Such a unique feature makes the application much easier to use and more user-friendly and even saves time. Climate announcement, reading Persian news, playing movies and podcasts, arranging personal meetings and appointments, making phone calls, reading books and are some of the features that Dobby has used.

BingMag.com Familiarity with Persian smart assistants; Everything you need to know

" What can Ario do? ". To get to know Ario, it is better to ask yourself this question. Ario Assistant is a smart Persian voice assistant that makes everyday tasks much easier. Just install this app on your smartphone and execute various voice commands. From making phone calls and texting to playing music and movies are all things Ario can do easily and in a short amount of time. Climate announcements, scheduling business and personal meetings, doing math calculations, accurate and instantaneous exchange rate announcements, location and are some of the features of Ario.


BingMag.com Familiarity with Persian smart assistants; Everything you need to know

Raymon can be an assistant Be personal: accurate, loyal and smart. Raymond hears your voice commands and executes them quickly. Ask Raymond to buy plane and train tickets, buy gifts, buy movie tickets, recharge, announce currency exchange rates, announce weather conditions and anything you don't know and want to know. Of course, do not forget that you have to be a little patient with Raymond. This lovely assistant is very accurate, however you have to express the voice commands in a clear and concise format.

BingMag.com Familiarity with Persian smart assistants; Everything you need to know

Ussistant The startup team is on the BingMag Next platform. Usicent with the slogan "modern, personal, smart and easy" has been able to become the first Persian smart speaker. After producing a successful demo speaker, the team is working to raise capital and develop the product. Usicent is expected to soon fill the vacancies of big assistants like Alexa in the Iranian market. The user speaker has a minimal and attractive design and can be a reliable and loyal assistant in carrying out daily tasks. Calling and texting, scheduling daily tasks, news, weather, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more are all features of Usient.

What is the difference between the global smart assistants and the Iranian versions? Slowly In addition to doing daily chores, this voice assistant can be an attractive companion and talker. With Google Assistant, you can have interactive conversations like ping pong or ping pong. Amazon was the first company to use the Alexa version in smart speakers. This personal assistant is now compatible with various operating systems such as Android and iOS. Among all these assistants, Samsung was able to transform the world of smart assistants once again by producing Bixby. Doing the usual work of a voice assistant is the least you can expect from Bixby. This assistant can execute your requests without the need for touch and only with voice commands. Bixby can be installed on various devices such as smartphones, smart watches, TVs, speakers and other home appliances.

The future of Persian assistants

Smart young Persian-speaking assistants are at the beginning of a path that large global companies have followed for years. However, the Persian version of these products is developing rapidly. In the coming years, the country's technology markets are expected to see assistants with more diverse capabilities, such as ping-pong chat capability, compatibility with various smart devices, and so on.

Source: Engadget

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