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Facebook was voted the worst company in 2021 in a poll

BingMag.com <b>Facebook</b> was <b>voted</b> the <b>worst</b> <b>company</b> in <b>2021</b> in a poll

In a poll conducted by Yahoo Finance, Facebook (currently meta) was named the worst company in 2021. This site selects the best company of the year by conducting a poll every year, but this year, for the first time, a poll was conducted to select the worst company of the year, and Facebook was able to win the first place in this competition. About 1,000 people took part in the poll, and Facebook received 50 percent more votes than the Chinese company Alibaba.

Concerns about Facebook include reports of content censorship He noted the negative impact of Instagram on teen morale as well as privacy concerns. Meanwhile, 30 percent of those polled said that Facebook could overcome these crises and worries and regain users' trust.

Changed to Meta, the new name represents the company's new path to creating a meta-transformation (fully digital world). This rebranding was widely regarded as an attempt to divert public opinion, but based on this poll, it seems to have been somewhat effective.

BingMag.com <b>Facebook</b> was <b>voted</b> the <b>worst</b> <b>company</b> in <b>2021</b> in a poll

Concerns about Facebook users' privacy breaches are not new. In this regard, we can point to the conflict between Facebook and Apple over the changes made to iOS and iPadOS, which have made it more difficult for companies like Facebook to track user activity. Facebook claims the changes are hurting small businesses, and Mark Zuckerberg says the decline in the company's revenue growth over the past quarter is partly due to that. The company has taken various steps in recent months. For example, he recently stated that it would be impossible to display advertisements based on sensitive information such as race or ethnicity, religious views, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and so on. According to research, some advertising can promote addiction, negatively affect people's behavior and even cause psychological distress.

Also after the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018, Facebook prevented various companies from accessing information Sensitive got users that these companies were analyzing this data, conducting very effective advertising campaigns. Although Meta officials say they are doing this to improve users' mental health, the truth is that the company has come under intense pressure in recent months.

BingMag.com <b>Facebook</b> was <b>voted</b> the <b>worst</b> <b>company</b> in <b>2021</b> in a poll

On the other hand, we should mention the abandonment of Facebook's face recognition system. One of the consequences of this decision is the cessation of the use of face recognition algorithms to tag people in images and videos, and also the patterns used for face recognition will be removed.

Although in the Yahoo Finance survey Thirty percent of respondents expressed hope for the future of meta, but a recent study by Harris Poll, a company that measures brand trust, found that the brand change did more harm than good to Zuckerberg.

According to branding experts, Meta can not restore the lost trust of users just by using the new name and superficial measures, and to do so, it must take basic measures. On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg himself is not a popular figure, and this has made things more difficult for the company's executives. Finally, we need to see if increasing pressure on the company will lead to fundamental changes.

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