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Facebook wants to invest $ 10 billion in the Metavars project

BingMag.com Facebook wants to invest $ 10 billion in the Metavars project

According to the latest news about Facebook plans for the coming years, it seems that the company intends to spend about $ 10 billion on the Metavars project this year. Invest. Of course, this is not the whole story, because apparently the American company wants to spend more money for this work in the coming years.

According to The Verge website, it seems that Facebook wants to invest heavily in the Metavars project. . The amount that will be invested in this project for this year is 10 billion dollars, but it seems that the company wants to increase this figure in the coming years.

Before going into details, we need to define Let's also have Metavars to get acquainted with its meaning. Metavars is a set of virtual worlds in which the user can communicate with people who are not physically present with him. Doing a series of things such as playing games, watching movies and series or audio content, shopping and many other things can be done through Metavars. Exactly the same thing you do on the Internet, except that on the Internet everything is two-dimensional, but in Metavars all this is done in a three-dimensional space to give you the feeling of being in a real world.

If you have experience playing games like Second Life, you probably know that a form of metavers can be seen in it. This means that the user can enter a place and time when he is physically absent and can talk to people who are not near him. Of course, the difference between Metavars and games like Second Life and Sims is that instead of directing a character throughout the game, this time an avatar of the user is depicted in the virtual world.

So it seems It will be the future of the technology world, and Zuckerberg, knowing this, wants to invest heavily in its development. Facebook also mentioned this in a statement, calling augmented reality and the virtual world the future of the online experience. As a result, in the coming years we will most likely see an increase in usage as well as users of products such as augmented reality glasses. will be. Even Zuckerberg has been talking about Metavars on a regular basis for the past few months, and it was predicted that one day we would hear such news. Facebook made a lot of money from advertising for the Metavers project, and this shows investors that they need to move in this direction.

Facebook plans to hold a special event on Thursday of this week that We do not know the full content of this event yet, but Facebook is expected to unveil its plans for the Metavars project and the future of this technology.

Source: The Verge

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