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Facebook is abandoning its face recognition system

BingMag.com Facebook is abandoning its face recognition system

The social network Facebook, which is currently under the control of Meta, will soon abandon its face recognition system. Meta has announced that the change will take effect in the coming weeks. One of the consequences of this decision is the cessation of the use of face recognition algorithms to tag people in images and videos, and the patterns used for face recognition will also be removed. He described the change as part of "the company's move to limit the use of face recognition systems in various products". In this regard, we can refer to the lawsuit filed against Facebook for violating the biometric laws of the US state of Illinois, which was finally closed with the payment of $ 650 million.

The post published by Meta states that they are still Face recognition technology is considered a powerful tool, but on the other hand, growing privacy concerns should be addressed. Pozanti noted that regulators have not yet agreed on a comprehensive law on the privacy of face recognition technologies. Due to these concerns, meta and Facebook executives have come to the conclusion that the use of such systems should be restricted.

BingMag.com Facebook is abandoning its face recognition system

Facebook made the use of this system optional for users in 2019, and apparently about a third of the active users of this social network use this feature, and due to the abandonment of this system, information about 1 billion faces from Servers will be removed. Among them are companies such as Clearview AI, which, using photos posted on social networks, including Facebook, have created a huge database of people's photos and use this information to develop a face recognition system. US government agencies use companies such as Clearview AI to develop and operate face recognition systems. Meta hopes to once again regain users' trust in privacy by disabling a feature it has been using for years. The company has recently paid special attention to augmented reality and virtual technologies, and one of the main concerns of these technologies is the issue of privacy violations. On the Meta VR platform. The results of these efforts require a level of trust from users and regulators, and Meta has now taken an important step towards gaining this trust by abandoning one of its most important systems.

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Source: CNN

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