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Facebook has stopped working on the children's Instagram project

BingMag.com Facebook has stopped working on the children's Instagram project

Facebook has announced that it has stopped its children's Instagram project with parents, professionals and policymakers to take a closer look at the importance and need for this. The application will do the necessary collaboration. The announcement was prompted by criticism from 44 state prosecutors who asked Facebook to drop the bill, and Democratic lawmakers called for more details.

The Instagram team said the goal Since the creation of this application, parents can be assured that their children will have access to a safe environment from Instagram without their permission. "We launched this project to solve an important problem that exists in cyberspace for children," said Adam Moseri, head of the Instagram app. Our very young generations are using smartphones. "They do not enter their actual age to download and use some programs designed for people 13 years and older."

BingMag.com Facebook has stopped working on the children's Instagram project

The idea of the Instagram team was opposed from the beginning. "Critics of children's Instagram are themselves aware that the problem is not with our idea," Moseri said. The problem is elsewhere. It is a fact that the new generation of children is always using smartphones. "We believe that designing apps that are age-appropriate will help enhance their experiences, and this is important for parents right now."

One of the main reasons our team is developing And the creation of Instagram encouraged children to create a way for parents to easily monitor their children's activities in the Instagram environment. We will now stop working on this project but will continue to work on our goal. By expanding this application and giving permission to access the accounts of their teenagers (over 13 years old), we make it possible for parents to have full control over their children's activities in the Instagram environment.

Some of the topics covered in this project revolve around Facebook's privacy issues, especially child safety. "Social media is not only an effective tool for young children, but it can also put children directly in the path of cyber hunters," said New York Attorney General Letitia James as she launched the project.>

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article in which Facebook ignored research into the negative effects of Instagram on adolescent mental health. But yesterday, the social network rejected that article and announced that in its research, it only expressed the positive and negative experiences of young people in cyberspace.

BingMag.com Facebook has stopped working on the children's Instagram project

Facebook, referring to the two applications YouTube and TikTok, stated that these two applications have versions for children under 13 years old. Facebook has also announced that the children's version of Instagram will be different from the original version of Instagram and is designed for children 10 to 12 years old.

According to Maseri, children need parental permission to log in to Instagram. Also in this version, there will be no ads and content that is appropriate for their age will be used. He also noted that Facebook has taken new steps on issues such as mental health and encouraged people to pay attention to other issues or take a break if they encounter negative content.

However, lawmakers are not happy with the idea of the app, even knowing its purpose. "An alternative approach that Facebook seems to be taking - in particular, forcing children to sign up for a new platform that may pose a threat to the privacy and well-being of young users - will face serious challenges," said a group of Democratic lawmakers. "And it may do more harm than good."

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