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Facebook has denied the use of artificial intelligence in detecting violence

The Wall Street Journal says in a new report that Facebook's artificial intelligence has not consistently been successful in removing violent content. Facebook's vice president Guy Rosen wrote in a post on Sunday that the prevalence of hate speech and violence on the platform has dropped by 50 percent over the past three years, and that the technology we use to combat hateful and violent content is not a complete misinterpretation. "Neither we nor the users nor the advertisers want anyone to see hateful and violent content on this platform, and we will be very determined about our work to remove it," Rosen said. "Evidence shows that this action requires a detailed and long-term plan, and our teams are constantly working to develop Facebook diagnostic systems, identify issues and come up with solutions."

It seems The post was in response to an article in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday in which the newspaper claimed in a report that Facebook employees tasked with investigating offensive and violent content on the platform were unsure of the company's systems' ability to do so. . According to the newspaper, internal documents show that two years ago, Facebook reduced its workforce to investigate complaints of hate speech and violence, and instead used its artificial intelligence. The move by Facebook announced the effective and practical performance of the company's artificial intelligence in enforcing laws related to violent content.

BingMag.com Facebook has denied the use of artificial intelligence in detecting violence

A team of Facebook employees found out in March that the company's automated systems were deleting posts that publish between 3% and 5% of hateful content on the social platform. But Rosen said focusing on removing such content alone was not the right way to combat the violent content. He says disgusting content removal technology is the only way Facebook uses it to combat it. It will be very vital. He claims that for every 10,000 people who visit a piece of content on Facebook, five people use obscene words. But recent reports suggest that some important content could interfere with Facebook's artificial intelligence detection, including car crash videos showing injured people and violent threats against trans children. Wall Street Journal Many Facebook cases are based on internal documents provided by whistleblower Frances Haugen. He recently admitted that the company is aware of the negative impact of Instagram on teenagers, but Facebook denied the report based on internal documents. About a month ago, the Wall Street Journal published a report based on Facebook's internal data stating that Instagram increases the psychological damage of about a third of teenage girls. This report appears to be based on internal research conducted by the head of Facebook's research department. However, the senior Facebook official claimed that the Wall Street Journal's description of the information was incorrect.

BingMag.com Facebook has denied the use of artificial intelligence in detecting violence

Unfortunately, neither Facebook, nor Instagram, nor the boss. Facebook's research department has not released any data that proves their professionalism. Without publishing reliable data, it would be very difficult to reject the Wall Street Journal report and accept the professionalism of the Facebook CEO. It should also be noted that this is not the first time that the negative and destructive effects of Instagram on the mental health of adolescents have been addressed, which does not seem to be a top priority for Facebook.

Source: TheVerge

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