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The Facebook fan page confused Ilan Mask with the official page

BingMag.com The Facebook fan page confused Ilan Mask with the official page

One of Ilan Mask's fan pages on Facebook, with 153,000 followers as the official page of Tesla CEO, was ticked by Facebook. But some time after the case was reported in the media, the fan page became obsolete. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Facebook has made it very clear that it does not belong to Ilan Mask. The description on this page states that this is a fan page that publishes Ilan Mask tweets, but its URL ends with ElonMuskOffici. This means that the page pretends so that users do not doubt that it is official:

"Ilan Mask is the CEO, investor and owner of Tesla Roadster 20001 (the first production model) of Tesla Motors. Roadster is an electric sports car with a range of 354 km. This is a fan page and puts Ilan Mask tweets on this page. "

BingMag.com The Facebook fan page confused Ilan Mask with the official page

This Fan Page, which is currently unavailable, had 11 posts, most of which were reposts of Ilan Mask tweets. In the latest post, the page made a fake Bitcoin gift available to users, which was eventually deleted. In the history section or Page Transparency of this page, it is stated that this page started its activity on July 28, 2019 under the name of "Kizito Gavin". This name is the opposite of the name of the football player "Kizito Gavin".

During this period, its username was changed several times, and finally, on October 17, this page changed its name to Ilan Mask. An interesting point, in addition to changing the username 6 times in a year, is in the description section of the page. According to the information written on this page, its executives reside in Egypt and not the United States, while Ilan Mask's current residence is in the United States. In addition, the Page Transparency page states that the page was run by a bitcoin fraudster. At present, Meta or the former Facebook has not responded to media requests about this issue.

BingMag.com The Facebook fan page confused Ilan Mask with the official page

As you know, verifying an account to receive a blue tick is possible for all Twitter users, and many people daily They apply for this badge. However, Twitter's authentication system has had shortcomings in recent years that have sometimes raised the voices of critics. In 2017, for example, the account of Jason Kessler, one of the organizers of the white demonstration, received a blue tick, which many experts believe Twitter should not have placed next to this person's name. The protests soon escalated, forcing Twitter to halt the process of granting users a blue tick in order to find a way to more accurately verify their identities. After this incident, the insertion of this mark was followed at a slower pace but did not stop.

Source: TheVerge

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