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Everything you need to know about Unicorn startups

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about Unicorn startups

Becoming a famous name in the business world is not an easy task and any startup It cannot grow fast. If you look at the statistics, you will see that you need a brave and talented team to start a company, because more than 50% of startups fail in the first five years of operation and more than 70% of them fail in the first ten years. The fact is that there are only a handful of startups that survive the challenges of the investment world. Among these startups, there are very few that enter the world of unicorn startups, or unicorns, that is, valued at more than one billion dollars.

The investment world is growing very fast these days, and in the first six months of 2020, sixty-six startups were added to this group. There are currently more than 600 unicorn startups worldwide with a total value of less than $ 2,000 billion. Every startup's dream is to become a unicorn, but how can such a goal be achieved? In the rest of this article, we will talk about the characteristics of Unicorn startups, from the geographical location to the industries in which these startups grow.

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about Unicorn startups

What makes a startup a unicorn?

The term Unicorn was first used by Aline Lee in 2013 for startups worth more than $ 1 billion, as the chances of such a successful investment, like this legendary creature, are very high. It is small, though not impossible.

When Lee first spoke of unicorns, there were only 39 unicorns in the world, but these days, the number These companies are growing very fast. But what makes $ 1 billion startups a rarity from a rare species?

Founded in the United States after 2003, it was limited, but companies from around the world were later added to the club. Today, about 25 percent of unicorns are in China, 48 percent in the United States, and the rest in other parts of the world. ), Or funding for startups that are prone to big leaps, has increased. The year Unicorn was born, the chances of investing in nine digits were slim, but these days investment companies raise more than $ 100 million for startups. Although the amount of venture capital has declined significantly in recent years due to pandemic conditions around the world, in the first half of 2020 it was equivalent to $ 129 million.

In the age of unicorns, investing over $ 100 million, or megabytes, is common for long-term privacy and the proliferation of startups around the world.

2020 is the year that more than 60 unicorns were added to the world of unicorns. These units have come from a variety of industries and their diversity is so great that industry can not be considered as a leader in this field, fintech, fashion, food, health, transportation, biotechnology and sectors that have introduced new unicorns.>

Industry Unicorns Review

Just looking at 2020, It is difficult to identify a pattern for industries from which unicorns have emerged. In the following, we will try to talk about the most valuable companies.

The most valuable private company in the world is the Chinese company bytendance, which is worth $ 140 billion. The next company is Didi Chuxing, which works in the field of automated software. The company reached a value of $ 62 billion in late 2019.

After these two Chinese companies, Space X is Ilan Mask, which It is worth $ 42 billion. Stripe online payment processing company is the next option worth $ 36 billion. Chinese video-sharing app Kuaishou is next in line with $ 18 billion. they do. Sure, there is no exact answer to this question, but if we take a look at these companies over time, these companies come out of more than four different spaces:

  • Fintech: Fintech includes all Internet-related financial technologies, 15% of today's unicorns come from this area.
  • E-commerce: 13% The world's unicorn companies have left the field of e-commerce.
  • After the above areas, artificial intelligence and robotics 10% and health 8% of the world's unicorn companies In their hands.

Genetics, imaging, and space technology are other areas that unicorns have explored.

Who is the next person? Emerging Unicorns

Valuable startups today have benefited greatly from the proliferation of cheap mobile phones and cloud spaces. In fact, their international empire is based on pre-existing services such as food delivery, taxis and hotels, and they have developed various applications for these services. But a new generation of startups is emerging, a generation that looks a little different.

Are on the verge of becoming unicorn, the results of these studies are interesting. Many future unicorns will focus on the software industry. The areas of cyber security, the banking system and companies that work in the field of applying science in life will be the areas of activity of these companies. These unicorns may not be as appealing and glorious as the previous generation, but the reality is that many of these industries are the great giants we need in our lives and businesses, and they need to be modernized and updated.

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