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Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event

BingMag.com Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event

Last night, Amazon held an event called Fall 2021 and unveiled a number of new products that we will review in this article.

At last night's Amazon event, most of the hardware products were unveiled, but the US company also updated many of its other services, with one or two surprises for users that were interesting in their own way. In this article, however, we will summarize what happened at this event to see what products Amazon intends to launch. All of these products, of course, are either available for pre-order or are available before the holidays. But we are going to introduce the products that were unveiled at this event.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

BingMag.com Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event

Amazon Start thermostat It is available for $ 60, which is very low (about half) compared to other competing thermostats. Details about the release date or market of this product have not been released by Amazon yet.

Echo Show 15

BingMag.com Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event

The latest Echo Show unveiled at the Amazon event is different from other products we've seen before. Instead of looking at a TV-like product that sits independently on the table, this time the Echo Show can be mounted on the wall, just like a photo frame. Of course, it is still possible to put it on the table, but this is not the only way to use it. However, this product has a different user interface and visual effects due to its 15.6-inch display.

Apart from the special size and software interface of this product, the Echo Show has all the expectations that It has a smart display, including Alexa Voice Assistant, which has apparently become the standard in all Amazon products. The relatively expensive $ 250 Echo Show will hit the market later this year.

Amazon Glow

BingMag.com Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event Amazon Glow was introduced at the Fall 2021 event with a special focus on existing conditions, in which all or most of the activities are telecommuted. This product actually combined video contact with features such as solving exercises and activities so that students could make the most of it. The Amazon Glow is actually a phone inside a large projector that looks like an old big phone.

It also supports touch commands, so kids can play, solve puzzles, and many more. Do other activities with the same teacher or person you are talking to. Developers such as Motel, Hazbro, and Disney have already partnered with Amazon on the project, and collaboration with other developers is on the company's agenda for them to design their own apps or services for the product. The Amazon Glow has an 8-inch LCD display, which is also great for student activities.

The Amazon Glow will be available for $ 250. Submit that request. Therefore, not everyone can easily access it. When the Amazon Glow is officially available, it will cost around $ 300 more.

Amazon Halo View

BingMag.com Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event

The original Halo Band was actually a very simple wristwatch without a display, but now Amazon is targeting Fitbit to produce a product that looks very similar to the popular wristbands. This new wristband, however, features an AMOLED display with full color display and is very similar to Fitbit wristbands.

If you are familiar with Amazon policies, you should probably have guessed that the Halo View wristband is integrated with the Halo Sharing service. Has been. The capabilities of this product include monitoring the overall health of the body and recording feedback on what we can do to improve our health.

This wristband is priced at $ 80, but as soon as it is Buy, you will have 1 year free Halo service subscription, which normally costs you $ 4 per month. This service will provide you with features such as Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition to improve your fitness and nutrition.

Ring Alarm Pro

BingMag.com Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event

Many homes have Wi-Fi and an intelligent security system. But who opposes the idea that both of these capabilities can be found in one product? This is exactly what Amazon did, unveiling the Ring Alarm Pro with a combination of smart security and WiFi router capabilities at the Fall 2021 event. Inside the package, you will have everything you need to set up a security system so that you can have everything you need to set up a dual-use system without the need for other accessories.

Ring in Blink image

BingMag.com Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event

At the fall 2021 event, Amazon unveiled the Blink Video Doorbell as a replacement for Nest's wireless ringtones. Of course, this new product can be used both wired and wireless. Features such as night vision, two-way voice, Alexa voice assistant and many more can be mentioned as the best features of this product. It's worth the $ 50 price tag. Pre-orders for this product have already started, but the official release will start on October 21 (October 29). /25/12624-8.jpg ">

This product is actually a chassis for holding Amazon Blink camera. The difference is that this chassis also has a floodlight on both sides so that it can capture good images in night light.

In general, buy a chassis with a floodlight on both sides with a Blink camera. Outdoor will cost about $ 140. If you already have this camera, you can buy a chassis with its spotlights for a very low price of $ 40.

But that is not the whole story. There is also a solar panel that the user can add to the chassis to provide the energy needed to power the entire system from the sunlight. In this way, less electricity is consumed. It should be noted that buying a Blink Outdoor with a solar panel but not floodlights will cost $ 130.


BingMag.com Everything Amazon unveiled at its Hardware Fall 2021 event

This is the same independent robot that has been rumored before. But fortunately, we were finally able to see it as a real product at the Amazon Fall 2021 event. In fact, this is the Echo Show mounted on a lovely robot. This robot will play the role of a friend for you so that you can even ask him to enter the specific room where you are and ask that question. Also, when you are not at home, this robot can act as a security camera and show you the home environment.

To make this product work better, Amazon also put a periscope lens in it, whatever Which should be in the field of view with the highest quality. For example, if the stove is not on, the doors are not open, and so on. This product can even be used to make video calls; As the robot walks into the house, it tries to put you in the contact box.

Astro can also live in other people's homes. For example, you can put it in the house of an elderly member of your family and use it to check their condition. Alexa Together service is also integrated with this robot so that you can have the best experience of working with it in these areas.

The price that Amazon has set for this robot is $ 1,000, but this price is temporary. And if you do not register your request to buy it soon, you will have to pay more for it. This robot will reach mass production in 2022.

Source: Android Authority

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