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On the eve of the unveiling of the Apple Watch Pro, the Apple Watch Series 7 Edition became rare

BingMag.com On the <b>eve</b> of the <b>unveiling</b> of the <b>Apple</b> <b>Watch</b> <b>Pro,</b> the <b>Apple</b> <b>Watch</b> <b>Series</b> 7 <b>Edition</b> <b>became</b> rare

Apple is expected to introduce the more expensive Apple Watch Pro model this year in addition to the regular Apple Watch Series 8 models. Now that we are almost a month away from the introduction of new Apple products, most of the Apple Watch Series 7 Editions are sold out in the United States and a few other countries and are hard to find in stores.

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As mentioned by the MacRumors website, this product is not available in countries such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries. . Although you can still buy the 45mm model in some online stores, in most cases the Apple Watch Series 7 Edition is listed as an unavailable product in Apple's online stores.

With these interpretations, we can say The current version of Apple's smart Watch is hard to find in the market of most countries, which is the reason that it is approaching the unveiling of Apple's 2022 smart watches, and apparently this year, the first model of Apple Watch Pro will also be available to users. For those users who don't know, Apple Watch Edition is a more expensive version of Apple Watch that is made of titanium. In previous years, the Apple Watch Edition was also available in gold and ceramic colors. But despite the use of very high-quality materials, the Apple Watch Edition uses exactly the same hardware as the regular Apple Watch models.

This year, it seems that Apple has taken a different approach to the Apple Watch product line. While the Apple Watch Series 8 should be a slight upgrade over the Series 7, the company is working on a new model called the Apple Watch Pro aimed at active sports, nature, and harsh environments. The Pro model will have a more robust design and a different form factor than the current Apple Watch.

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BingMag.com On the <b>eve</b> of the <b>unveiling</b> of the <b>Apple</b> <b>Watch</b> <b>Pro,</b> the <b>Apple</b> <b>Watch</b> <b>Series</b> 7 <b>Edition</b> <b>became</b> rare

Mark Gorman, an active and prominent journalist from Bloomberg, recently reported that the Apple Watch Pro display is about 7% larger. It will be a regular model that will allow Apple to put a bigger battery inside. In addition, Gorman believes that this smartwatch can provide users with several days of charge on a single charge, and this feature will be thanks to the low-power mode, which Apple has not talked about yet. It is clear that this Watch should be made of titanium like the Apple Watch Edition in order to be more durable than Apple Watches made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Mark Gorman believes that this change in the Apple Watch product line and The addition of the Pro model to these watches could also mean the end of the Apple Watch Edition. He also expects the Apple Watch Pro to cost more than $900 due to its larger screen and higher-quality materials, which would bring it closer to the price of the Apple Watch Edition, which starts at $799.

He said. The Apple Watch Pro will also have the body temperature measurement sensor introduced with the Apple Watch Series 8. But the blood glucose measurement sensor will not be added to Apple's smartwatch health features until at least 2024. However, none of Apple's smartwatches this year have a faster chip than the Apple Watch Series 7, as the S7 chip is actually the same S6 chip that was introduced with the Apple Watch Series 6 in 2020.

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Source: 9to5mac

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