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The European Union may ask handset makers to support their products for 7 years in terms of security

BingMag.com The European Union may ask handset makers to support their products for 7 years in terms of security

It seems that at the request of the German government, Europe apparently wants to persuade smartphone companies to sell their products for 7 years from Support in terms of security. They also have to supply the parts needed to repair these products for the same period of time.

A German news site called Heise Online recently published a bizarre report that all Phones entering the European market must be supported in terms of security and repair of parts for 7 years. Android phones are now securely supported at best for four or three years, even if you have a very powerful flagship or mid-range phone.

Some of Samsung's flagship phones are Currently, they are supported for three years in terms of software and four years in terms of security, but many companies that make Android phones support their phones for up to three years. Of course, we have to factor in Apple phones, because this year the American company showed that it can even support its phones for 6 years. That's up from five years ago, and still twice as many as Android companies.

Remember what we're talking about are security updates; That is, those updates that go to phones with a size of less than 500 MB and only strengthen these products in terms of security infrastructure so that they do not have any problems in terms of security or privacy. Operating system or UI updates are quite different from these updates because they are often 1 GB or more in size and often change the look of the phone and add a number of new features. In this regard, Android companies are finally updating their phones for three years, and again, it is Apple that holds the record for 6 years.

What Europe wants from smartphone companies are the same security updates. Are so that users of this market can be comfortable in terms of security for a very long time. This eliminates the need for other users to purchase a new phone every few years for security reasons.

In addition, providing spare parts for 7 years also has a huge impact on reducing waste. It will have electronics, and that may be the main reason behind this. Of course, it is said that in this meeting that was held with the German government, a proposal for a period of 5 years was also proposed, but the point is that representatives from none of the phone manufacturing companies were present. Finally, it seems that what will be completely mandatory is a three-year security update. Whether Europe and the manufacturing companies can agree on a longer term is a matter for further information.


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