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The EU decision to convert USB-C to a standard charging port will be to Apple's detriment

BingMag.com The EU decision to convert USB-C to a standard charging port will be to Apple's detriment

Given the EU decision to force all manufacturers to use USB-C as the standard port, Apple may eventually be forced to Use the port for a decade instead of Lightning.

The latest EU decision calls on smart gadget companies to reduce e-waste production to prevent further environmental pollution. . One of the steps to be taken in this regard is the acceptance of the USB-C standard by all manufacturers, which allows users to use one charger for each device.

This European institution also calls for integrated fast charging technology It has happened. In other words, companies operating within the borders of the union must work together and globally develop fast charging standards that are compatible with any type of charger. Has come and intends to make this plan mandatory. For the first time, Apple introduced the iPhone 12 and removed the adapter from the device, citing environmental protection and the use of old chargers that are safe.

Other companies have since followed this policy. But we are finally seeing that the fast charging adapters of these companies are sold in their online stores and in many retail stores around the world!

BingMag.com The EU decision to convert USB-C to a standard charging port will be to Apple's detriment

Of course, if the ports and fast charging technologies on all devices follow the same standard, removing the adapter from the product box should not be a major concern.

The latest EU request from companies is this To provide appropriate information about the charge of their devices, which will include the standards supported by each device and the amount of energy required.

After the implementation of this plan, users can have enough information to buy new products. Take action and compare products with the chargers they currently have to determine their compatibility or the need to purchase adapters

In order for the recent requests of the Union to become law, the European Parliament must hold a vote, which, in experience, in most cases is approved. As a result, companies are likely to be required to make these changes.

Once the law is passed, electronics manufacturers will have 24 months to comply. The law is expected to be passed next year, so USB-C, which is already the standard for many companies, can be expected to become a global standard by 2024.

iPhone, iPad and AirPads will likely use USB-C

BingMag.com The EU decision to convert USB-C to a standard charging port will be to Apple's detriment

Although smartphones use more than other gadgets But the EU has also asked all brands of tablets, cameras, portable speakers, game consoles and headphones to adopt USB-C as the standard charging port.

Most manufacturers of Android phones now All of their products support the USB-C port, so the idea of an EU will not be a problem for them.

But Apple may be forced to change its charging port under the law. The Lightning port has been known as the iPhone charging standard for almost a decade. With the passage of the new EU law, Apple will be forced to use USB-C as a standard port in the territory of the Commission, and given that the production of two iPhone models with two separate charging ports does not make sense at all, so most likely the port Lightning will be eliminated altogether.

The iPad 9 (Entry level) and the AirPads family are still using the Lightning port, and recent EU decisions will change the fate of future generations. In a statement issued by Reuters, Apple said it was concerned that strict rules allowing only one type of port would, instead of encouraging innovation, lead to repression that could result in users in Europe and beyond. The world will be hurt.

Apple's weird statement comes as many of its products, such as the MacBook family and the iPad family (other than the iPad 9), now support USB-C as a charger port. Apparently, Apple's resistance is not due to the concern of suppressing innovation, but to the loss of its own revenue!

The company receives a commission from any product (mainly accessories) equipped with a Lightning port. .

Do EU laws affect the future of wireless charging as well?

New European plans do not currently include wireless charging. In fact, if Apple brings the idea of a portless iPhone, which has long been rumored, into production, it could circumvent these rules.

  • Are portless phones the future of the mobile world? li>

This year and last year's iPhone models support Magus technology, which also allows wireless charging of the phone, but the EU may switch to Qi wireless charging after forcing USB-C Go to the global standard, in which case Apple still has to worry about losing revenue from Magsif's accessories commission.

Source: Phone Arena

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