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At the end of the alignment operation, the James Webb Telescope captured clear images of the universe

BingMag.com At the <b>end</b> of the <b>alignment</b> <b>operation,</b> the <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Telescope</b> <b>captured</b> <b>clear</b> <b>images</b> of the universe

With the clear images of the universe, the alignment of the scientific instruments of the James Webb Telescope is over, and the team can now continue the process of launching the scientific instruments well.


NASA announced hours ago that the James Webb Space Telescope has completed its alignment phase after demonstrating that it can receive "clear, well-focused images" with all four of its scientific instruments. The alignment of the Telescope in all scientific instruments or the alignment of the multimedia can be seen in a series of images that show the observatory's full field of view. Now, a milestone that NASA has unveiled with a few new images from the Web allows the mission team to continue to launch the telescope's scientific instrument properly. Therefore, after several months of adjusting the mirror and tools, the Telescope will enter a new stage of the preparation process. This next step will take about two months, and if all goes according to plan, the Web will still be on track to complete its preparation in June.

Scott Scotton Scientist "These images have profoundly changed the way I look at the world," Ball Ball Aerospace said of the end of the web alignment. We are surrounded by the Symphony of Creation; Galaxies are everywhere. I hope everyone in the world can see them. The Web first had to travel deep into space, a process that took about a month, followed by a complex, seven-step alignment process. The James Webb Telescope is well on its way to crossing any turning point, requiring only minor modifications along the way.

BingMag.com At the <b>end</b> of the <b>alignment</b> <b>operation,</b> the <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Telescope</b> <b>captured</b> <b>clear</b> <b>images</b> of the universe

clear Multiplayer images of the James Webb Telescope
Credit: NASA/STScI

Last Week, Web Officials The 18 hexagonal sections of the Web's main mirror were reported to have cooled almost completely to the operating temperature of -7 degrees (226 degrees Celsius) in the depths of space needed to see objects in infrared light. The mirrors now appear to be ready, as they send "fully focused light" to each of the devices, which in turn provides clear images.

"The optical performance of the Telescope is still better than the engineering team's most optimistic predictions," they said. Not a problem in its performance. From this point on, mirror alignments require only minor adjustments. The next step will be to set up a scientific instrument, along with a Telescope calibration. To set up the tool, the lenses, masks, filters, and other equipment must work properly in various configurations to ensure that the scientific tasks are performed accurately.

Perfection must be achieved. "The Telescope is instructed to target different areas of the sky, and to confirm the thermal stability, the total amount of solar radiation reaching the observatory must be different when changing targets," NASA said.

In addition, according to NASA, continuous maintenance observations check the alignment of the mirrors every two days and, if necessary, make adjustments to keep the mirrors in their exact alignment locations.

Cover Photo: clear images James Webb Telescope Precision alignment Sensor
Credit: NASA/STScI

Sources: NASA, Space

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