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Employees wrote open letters to Tim Cook protesting Apple's working conditions

BingMag.com Employees wrote open letters to Tim Cook protesting Apple's working conditions

An unnamed group of Apple employees sent open letters to CEO Tim Cook on Friday criticizing Apple's working conditions There is no reasonable value to employee privacy at the company.

Apparently the reason for this criticism is that employees are constantly encouraged to sync their personal iCloud accounts with their devices so that Apple can search for personal information. In response, the Cupertino-based giant says the letter denies the benefits of skepticism and a sense of security and trust in the workplace to all employees.

Employees who Writing and submitting this letter, Tim Cook urges that by creating a work environment where everyone can feel comfortable, be accepted, have an equal chance, and be treated equally; Do the right thing.

They also want the company to be able to keep current job seekers and hourly wages transparent so they can negotiate the right amount.

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The company's employees hope to share more of their stories about Apple's poor working conditions. The letter states:

Hundreds of us have documented our stories of abuse, discrimination and harassment. Hundreds of us have documented the reporting of our stories through internal channels and the lack of confidence (in solving it). In sharing our stories, we seek to pay attention to the experiences we had while working at Apple and how much better we can work.

They have also continued to share their experiences with others. :

At Apple, we're called to do the right thing, and that should extend to how we treat employees. We're asking for help, because Apple has to live up to its promise of diversity and equality. We want an environment in which everyone feels safe and accepted and promised equal opportunity and treatment.

In addition, the letter calls for a separation of assets in all company policies. Digital and physical increase of employees and companies. The authors of this letter suggested that Apple provide employees with an iCloud account with their work emails to protect their privacy.

Of course, their request makes sense; Because this way, users' personal information will remain in their personal iCloud, and employees who want to separate personal information from their work information will not have a problem.

This letter also mentions that employees Those who have their own personal devices must have a dedicated number and be allowed to disconnect their personal device from Apple's work ecosystem. This means that Apple should refrain from publishing their personal numbers in the Apple Directory.

The letter goes on to say that employees are annoyed by this policy and the publication of their personal phone numbers./p>

BingMag.com Employees wrote open letters to Tim Cook protesting Apple's working conditions

Employees who wrote this letter to Tim Cook expect Apple to take clear, appropriate compensation , Consider equality and justice for all. Another suggestion made by these people is to consider wages in terms of geographical location, so that the person's income is higher than the calculated amount needed to live in that area.

It was also suggested. There should be incentive packages for all salaried employees and hourly paid employees who work more than 20 hours per week.

In addition to all of the above, employees have stated that Considering career advancement and performance appraisal under the influence of factors such as gender, race, disability, etc. can lead to wage differences and lack of opportunities in different parts of the company. It has also been suggested that third-party relationships, such as vendors and employee agencies, be considered.

In fact, Apple employees want to be able to raise problems with company management without fear of retribution. They noted in their letter:

Employees should feel psychologically relaxed in order to report, apply for housing, and receive information in a way that complies with employment laws, respects privacy, and respects them. Protects against seizures, discrimination and retaliation.

Finally, the letter calls on Apple to consider a process in which group concerns are heard and responded to with clear and consistent feedback. Explaining this section states that employees want to feel heard and addressed, especially when these concerns are widely raised. The opaque nature of the personal feedback chain has left many employees feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty of listening to their problems.

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The dissertation also asked the question, "Do you sign the letter and stand by us?"

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