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Elon Musk regrets; Buying Twitter may be rejected

BingMag.com <b>Elon</b> <b>Musk</b> <b>regrets;</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Twitter</b> <b>may</b> be rejected

As it seems, Elon Musk is still regretting and looking for a way to avoid Buying Twitter, but as we can see, he has not succeeded.

Elon Musk, who is also the richest person in the world, recently decided to buy Twitter, which is considered a large social network, by paying $44 billion. After his insistence and resistance from Twitter's board of directors, Musk finally agreed to this decision, but after a while we learned that he regretted Buying this social network because of the fakeness of millions of user accounts on Twitter and no longer wants to buy it.

Earlier in an article, we mentioned that there are three big obstacles on the way of Musk to buy Twitter, the most important of which are the fakeness of millions of user accounts and the existence of many bots on Twitter, as well as the hard way for Musk to finance the purchase. They were Twitter. Because apparently Musk has borrowed a large part of the amount of 44 billion dollars to buy Twitter. Twitter first announced that the news of the existence of millions of fake accounts is fake and not true. The company claimed that the number of bots and fake accounts is only 5% of its total users, but apparently now it has been reported that this social network removes more than a million spam and fake accounts every day. Musk also said that he will not buy it until the exact number of users of this social network is determined, for now it remains uncertain how long this process of deleting accounts will continue.

Of course, Twitter has repeatedly This issue pointed out that it is not possible to obtain accurate information about the exact number of users, because for this, one must have access to a series of account information, which cannot be shared. However, Twitter still believes that despite deleting 1 million fake accounts daily, their number is only 5% of the total number of users of this social network. Put a dollar fine on him

BingMag.com <b>Elon</b> <b>Musk</b> <b>regrets;</b> <b>Buying</b> <b>Twitter</b> <b>may</b> be rejected

Twitter in order to promote this 44 billion dollar deal that Elon Musk is now He regrets getting into it, added the ability to tag spam accounts to the app, and even told Musk that he would provide an API so he could check it himself to find out how many Twitter users he actually has. But apparently Musk doesn't want to do this because nothing special has happened yet.

If Elon Musk doesn't want to pay attention to these explanations and decides to withdraw from the contract, he will probably have to pay $1 billion as pay a fine It has been reported in various news that Elon Musk regrets and wants to withdraw from the Twitter purchase agreement. He regrets entering into the story of Buying Twitter, but it did not stop this company from continuing its work. Twitter continues to operate as before and receives new features. Among the features that are going to be added to this social network is the possibility of "CoTweets" or "shared tweets" that allow two people to write a common tweet and both are tagged in that tweet. This feature has been added to Twitter in order to attract more followers to an account.

Source: The Washington Post

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