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Elon Musk's lawyers announced the reasons for withdrawing from the purchase of Twitter

BingMag.com <b>Elon</b> <b>Musk's</b> <b>lawyers</b> <b>announced</b> the <b>reasons</b> for <b>withdrawing</b> <b>from</b> the <b>purchase</b> of Twitter

If you thought that the story of Elon Musk and Twitter is over, apparently we must say that you are wrong because the CEO of Tesla has just published documents that, according to him, prove They say that Twitter made a mistake and is to blame for all these recent events. It was believed that many of its users are bots or with fake accounts. Twitter tried to prove this to Musk many times, but every time there was a problem; Either Musk didn't accept it and wanted stronger reasons, or news was published day by day that fueled rumors against Twitter.

As a result of these events, Musk decided to block the purchase of Twitter. But not everything was so easy. Musk must pay a fine to Twitter. At first, he bought some of Twitter's shares, and in an agreement with its board members, it was decided that Musk would be added to their group, but he promised that he would never take any action to buy Twitter completely. But he changed his mind and settled for $44 billion to buy Twitter anyway. Later, he changed his mind again and now we see that he has given up buying Twitter. Twitter has also sued him to see if he can get a fine from the richest man in the world.

Here is the interesting thing; Twitter's lawyers are trying to prove that Musk's withdrawal from this contract was due to another reason and has nothing to do with users, fake accounts and bots, but Musk's lawyers are trying to prove that this was exactly the reason for his withdrawal. Elon Musk's side says that Twitter strategically tried to deceive him by delaying in providing the correct answer regarding the actual number of users and is therefore to blame. Although there are other reasons for this purpose, the main reason is precisely the high number of bots and fake accounts.

Of course, neither Musk nor Twitter want to be the losers in this case, because apparently, whichever side loses, they have to pay an amount. pay to the other party as a fine. On the other hand, dignity is also involved. If Twitter loses, it means that it failed to prove that many of its users are actually bots or fake accounts. If Musk loses, he will be blamed not only for the actions he took to buy Twitter, but also for the lies and slanders he has made against Twitter. Now it remains to be seen which side will win this sensitive and dignified case.

Source: The Verge

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