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The Earth's black box will record our planet's death data

BingMag.com The <b>Earth's</b> <b>black</b> <b>box</b> will <b>record</b> <b>our</b> <b>planet's</b> <b>death</b> data

our planet has undergone extensive climate change, and for this reason a group of researchers intend to build a black box of the earth to possibly destroy it. Keep intact.

All commercial flights you have made so far have been recorded. Each time you pull the control lever and each adjustment of the aircraft engine, it is accurately recorded by a small recorder embedded in the tail of the aircraft. This device is called a "black box" (Black Box), which in case of any type of air crash, search and rescue personnel based on it to look for the location of the aircraft. The information recorded in it is a clear description of how the whole accident happened.

Next year, our planet will also have one of these disaster recorders. The project, called Earth's black Box, is set to accurately record every step of our planet's destruction. According to the project's website, "Unless we dramatically change our way of life, climate change and other man-made hazards will lead to the collapse of our civilization."

The length of a school bus will be in the form of an inverted stop, and the whole will be placed in a 7.5 cm thick steel that is designed to withstand natural disasters. Just like the plane's black box that is impact resistant.

And just like the plane's black box, the Earth's black box will be located in the safest part of the earth, apparently Tasmania in Australia. According to Australia's ABC News, when the black box is activated, it will be filled with hard disks that store and store weather information.

The Clemenger BBDO and an art group called the Glue Society will begin in early 2022.

This box contains temperature measurements, data on ocean acidification. Gathers land use data, military spending, energy consumption and human population growth. It also monitors and uses news headlines, social media posts, and information from key conferences on climate change among heads of state.

As a work of art, it is undoubtedly remarkable. Conceptual images show a sharp, angled structure covered with solar panels perched on a cliff in a remote desert. Sharp angles depict something beyond that contrasts with the weathering rock in the landscape.

According to the project website, the goal is for a calm observer to receive information continuously. "The idea is that if ... The earth will be destroyed as a result of climate change, and this indestructible recorder will be there for anyone who learns from it. "It is also there to monitor leaders and decision-makers and make sure their actions or inactions are recorded." It will become clearer in the near future. Although the construction of the project has not yet begun, its algorithms are already working hard in a beta test that can be seen on the project website. Climate information will be available to the public at some point. The project began when the planet is facing a global increase of 2.7 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era. According to numerous studies, ice sheets are melting, fresh water is depleting, and an unprecedented number of species are becoming extinct.

They do not like to be a symbol of pessimism about the weather, but the specific purpose of this black box is not just to record our impending doom, but rather to help keep us away from such an event, even if it can only put us on the right track. p>

Cover Photo: Graphic Design of the Earth's black box
Credit: Earth's black box

Source: Live Science

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