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Dubai Infinity Bridge officially opened

Dubai Infinity Bridge, which uses a different engineering and architectural design and is designed to reduce traffic and travel time in the city, officially opened today.

Infinity Bridge Dubai Bridge, first introduced in 2018, is part of the 5.3 billion dirham Al Shindagha Corridor project. The Infiniti Bridge, which consists of six lanes in each of the two round-trip directions, has a base in the shape of an infinite symbol () and, according to Dubai officials, is supposed to be a symbol of Dubai's unlimited ambition.

Sheikh "This Bridge is a new world engineering and a masterpiece of art and architecture," Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said at the opening ceremony of the Dubai Bridge in recent days. According to him, the development of infrastructure in Dubai is one of the vital pillars of the UAE's comprehensive plan for social and economic development.


According to the Emirates Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA), the bridge, which crosses the Dubai River or Estuary, is 300 meters long and 22 meters wide, with up to 24,000 vehicles per hour. Vehicles can travel in both directions. Also, being at a height of 15 meters above the river, large boats and pleasure boats will have no problem moving under it around the clock.

Improves the connection between the Deira area and the Dubai area. The Infiniti Bridge also has a 3-meter combined route for pedestrians and cyclists. It serves and is expected to serve one million people. The 13-kilometer corridor, which will be completed by 2027, will reduce travel time between the two regions from 104 minutes to 16 minutes by 2030, thus saving about 45 billion dirhams over 20 years./p>

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Cover photo: Dubai Infinity Bridge
Credit: HH Sheikh Mohammed via Twitter

Sources: KhNews, RTA

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