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Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers

BingMag.com Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers

Windows 11, which has just been officially released, uses very good, beautiful and eye-catching wallpapers that you can download in this article. Windows 11 has at least 18 beautiful wallpapers, all made in Barcelona's Six N. Five studio. The quality of these images is very high and their resolution reaches 3840 2400. This means that those users who use 4K monitors can view these images in the highest possible detail and quality. Also, these 18 images are designed to show 6 different themes to move Windows away from the integrated mode. We will take a look at these wallpapers below.

If you wish, you can download all the Windows 11 wallpapers at once at the end of the article.

Light and dark theme

BingMag.com Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers

Default wallpaper Windows 11 consists of a layered blue abstract object that gives the user a soft and attractive texture. Users who are interested in this wallpaper can set it as the main image of their system for both night and daylight.


BingMag.com Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers

The Glow theme represents a glowing spherical shape that appears to be an image of a planet in space with halos of light such as green. Surrounded by blue, red and purple. A very special and beautiful wallpaper that can give an interesting effect to your computer.

Recorded motion

BingMag.com Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers

The next theme is animated effects. As if what we see in the picture was moving and then it was photographed. This image also shows an abstract form that we do not know exactly what they are, but because of their attractive color combination, they can be liked by many. Even one of these images has a fabric-like texture that makes the images have a lot of detail.


BingMag.com Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers

The sunrise theme consists of four beautiful images, which of course are not significantly different from each other. Because in all four images, the sun is rising from behind a mountain and it is surrounded by the same mountains and hills. Perhaps the only thing that makes us see the difference between these images is the little trees and greenery that are around, otherwise by changing the image between these four items, you will not feel much difference. Of course, this does not mean that the images you see are not beautiful.


BingMag.com Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers

The Flow theme is very similar to the first theme, except that the background is cooler and brighter and avoids being frustrating. You will not see much color in any of these images anymore, but all four images show a specific color that may prompt you to change the wallpaper much sooner than you expected. However, this team is beautiful at the same time.

Create your own theme

BingMag.com Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers

This is not the whole story. As usual, there is a section in the settings where the user can go to create a theme with their specific and favorite colors and enjoy working with Windows 11 decorated with it. To do this, just enter the settings and in the Personalization section, click on the Theme option. Then you can create any theme you want for your computer. To change the background, just follow the same path, but instead of the theme, click on the Background option.

Download Windows 11 wallpapers

Source: HowToGeek

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