Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

Although we all desperately need a series of products or products related to technology in life, sometimes paying to buy the best and most expensive model of them at all It does not make sense. In this article, we mention 10 of these appliances. Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

Although we all desperately need a series of products or products related to technology in life, sometimes paying to buy the best and most expensive model of them at all It does not make sense. In this article, we mention 10 of these appliances.

Many people believe that if you don't spend money to buy the latest and best products or products of the day of technology, you will lose money and in the end you should not use a series of appliances. and poor quality. But this is never 100% true and sometimes there are exceptions. By spending wisely, you can advance your work and have a pleasant experience of working with a device; In the end, a lot of money will remain in your bank account. What are these supplies?

1. HDMI Cables Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

If you buy an expensive TV, you might think to yourself that an expensive HDMI cable is better. Buy for him too. With this, you only have two expensive products at home, the second of which was bought only because of a mistake. Don't be fooled; As long as the HDMI cable you're looking for can transmit the image well, it's a good choice and you won't need to pay a lot of money to buy a simple cable. By paying an additional amount, you buy a cable that is more resistant to frequent connection and disconnection, and we do not deny that its quality is higher, but most HDMI cables are connected to the back panel of the TV and maybe no one will touch them for several years. So don't spend unnecessarily on buying a cable that is not going to be damaged.

Sometimes it happens that the TV you buy supports a weaker HDMI standard, but you go for a cable with the HDMI standard. 2.1, which has a data transfer speed of up to 48 GB/s and is suitable for TVs capable of sending data with 4K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate. Of course, when you don't have such a TV, why do you need to pay for an additional product such as an expensive HDMI cable with advanced features?

Just be careful not to buy a fake HDMI cable. Try to buy the cable from reliable stores and look at people's opinions as much as possible before buying to understand what experience different people have had with it. Buying a cheap cable does not mean buying a cheap fake cable. So don't forget this point.

2. SD or microSD card Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

SD and microSD cards are simply categorized according to their speed. Those with faster speeds actually have higher data transfer speeds and vice versa. In theory, it's great to buy a high-speed card, but it's only useful if you have a device that can support it. You should definitely check the capacity and speed of your SD card with the support quality of your device in order to have the best experience.

For example, Nintendo Switch can support SD cards with a maximum speed of 95 MB/s. slow This means that a card with the UHS-I standard can be the best option to buy because the Nintendo Switch is no longer able to support a card with the UHS-III standard. The same thing can be considered for digital cameras. Many cameras need to use fast cards in order to record higher bitrate videos, but many do not require such a prerequisite at all.

Always try to read the manufacturer's technical description of a product and then for Purchase an accessory. Otherwise, you will pay a lot of money to buy a product, but in the end you will benefit from the speed that a product with that capability was available in the market at a much lower price.

The same thing can be said about RAM Computer, SSD, etc. also extended. As long as the motherboard supports low-speed RAM or SSD, you will end up getting what the motherboard determines by buying a RAM and SSD with the highest possible speed.

3. USB-C Adapter Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

These days there are many products that do not support USB-A port including These include Apple MacBooks, portable devices such as the Steam Deck, and even many new cars. But instead of the user buying an expensive cable, the problem is solved with the same USB-C cables and an inexpensive conversion adapter. Some adapters are limited to USB 2.0 speed, which means they are not suitable for transferring files, but they can be used for charging or even transferring files at a lower speed. If you don't need to transfer a specific file, you can go for the cheaper USB 2.0 adapters.

4. USB cables Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

USB cables are responsible for transferring digital signals between two devices. What is important is that the speed of the cable matches the speed of the two devices. This means that when you're transferring data from a digital camera hard drive that supports USB 3.0 speeds, you'll need a cable with the same standard for the best experience, not a more expensive cable with a better standard.

There is no need to spend money to buy a cable that is protected with gold plating, because the same nickel-plated ones can meet your needs. Paying more money for a cable may end up buying you a product that is more resistant, which is important depending on your activity, but if you are not a person who works in difficult conditions and usually has office and household work, with You can start your business with the same cheaper cables.

The same thing can be said about the phone charging cable. Of course, if the product you buy is fake, even the ones with gold plating will not bring you a good experience, but if a normal but original cable is available at a lower price, it is a good option.

5. Powerbank Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

Many of the power banks that are sold in different stores these days have good performance and many features. They also benefit from high charging speed. Even cheaper models these days support fast charging and can charge multiple devices at the same time. Tough models, waterproof, equipped with solar panels, etc. are among the best and of course the most expensive models available.

But the point is that even the best power banks use lithium-ion batteries, and this means over time. If there is a problem with them, they will not have a special advantage compared to regular models. So you don't get much special advantage in terms of longevity. It is suggested that instead of buying the most expensive model made by a company, you should look for the features that you want. For example, high capacity, low weight, fast charging, USB-C port or various ports, waterproof, etc. Be sure to pay attention to people's opinions before buying a power bank because this matter is very important.

6. Computer case Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

Many people believe that when you buy a good case that can circulate air well It will increase the lifespan of the parts. This is true, but there are good cases in the market that can have good air circulation and thus take care of your parts. Instead of buying an expensive case that looks good, you can buy a cheaper case. The case is not going to do anything special for you, so it doesn't matter if it has an attractive glass panel or a high-quality material.

Of course, be careful that not all cheap cases are good. We mean don't look for the most expensive model, on the other hand, don't look for the cheapest either. Buy a case that, in addition to having a reasonable price, can also have good air circulation for cooling the device. Of course, don't forget that you can even open the case door if there is not much dust in the room.

7. Smartphone Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

The seventh item has become very important these days. The smartphones that are produced now have a high quality of construction, sometimes they are waterproof, and their hardware capabilities and the quality of photography and videography have also increased. You can buy a mid-range product with these features. So why should you pay for a flagship? If you are a gamer, mobile photography is your profession and..., it is a separate issue, but if you are a normal user, why do you need to pay a lot of money to buy a powerful phone?

We don't mean that you bought the weakest phone on the market. because even that phone can perform tasks such as messaging, making calls, browsing social networks, etc., the goal is to buy a mid-range product with good features that can handle your heavy needs and Its price is not high due to a series of additional features that are not going to be useful in your life.

Among Apple phones, buying a standard or SE model can be reasonable (depending on your needs) and among Android phones as well. Mid-range Samsung and Xiaomi are considered good options. You can save money and get a quality phone that will be supported for years (especially new Samsung phones with four years of software support) and one that is capable enough to easily last you more than two years.

8. Tablet (depending on the type of user) Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

In general, a tablet is something you buy until you need it. Do not feel it is not logical. However If you are going to buy, you don't need to go for the best. Especially if you are on a budget. iPads currently have high processing power, but there are more reasonable options. Even among Apple's own products, you can find products with reasonable prices and good hardware power.

If your needs are limited to reading and writing, Android models are available at a much lower price than the cheapest iPads. They can meet your needs. Maybe they don't have anything to say against iPads in all respects, but what does it matter when you can solve your needs with the same model?

Some people just want to watch movies or read stories with a tablet. . This means that neither playing nor multitasking is important to them. Therefore, paying for an expensive product is not recommended at all because they are not going to do anything special with it.

9. Television (for public use) Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

Note that someone who buys a television for public use is not the same as someone who Buying a gaming TV or a product for watching movies and series all the time has different needs. These two categories have to spend a different amount to buy a TV.

The expensive OLED panels are suitable for the second category because both their black levels are deep and the contrast of the image is such that you can get the most out of it. Enjoyed it. Although these panels are not as bright as LCD panels, or if they are exposed to the same image for a long time, such as the news or the logo of a network, they may suffer from pixel burn), but still, they are not competitors for watching movies and series or playing games in the room. .

Gaming televisions must use different standards such as HDMI 2.1, 120 Hz display, 4K quality, etc., so that they can form an attractive combination with devices such as Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 and even gaming computers. . Some of these TVs even support adaptive refresh rate and the delay time in them is very low so that they can be exactly suited to the needs of gamers. You are not serial, what is the advantage of paying to buy an expensive product? Many options are available with regular LCD or LED panels, which are also reasonably priced and suitable for regular viewing of the news, listening to the news, etc. Finding them in the market is not difficult at all. Companies like TCL have many such TVs in the market.

10. Monitor Don’t waste money to buy these 10 products!

The monitor is one of the main accessories that if you deal with it a lot, it is recommended Buy that supports eye care standards. But in general, professional monitors such as those designed for gaming or professional video and image editing benefit from many features that a normal user does not need at all. Even if you are a user who sometimes edits videos, plays games or works in the office, still paying for a gaming product or editing models is not practical for you.

Apple MacBook users say that although Apple displays It produces well, but you can save a lot of money and get a similar experience by buying regular models from companies like Dell, LG, or Samsung. A refresh rate of 120 Hz or higher is great, but when you're a casual user who doesn't scroll constantly or often has to deal with a static screen, what's the need for such a high refresh rate? Even if you are a regular gamer who sometimes fantasizes about playing, unless you have a powerful system to display content with a 120Hz refresh rate, buying a monitor of this quality does not make sense and is not recommended.

If you are a user who has to work with the monitor for hours, it is better to buy a stand and place the monitor at a suitable distance from your eyes. It also makes sense to pay more for a product that supports different eye protection features.

There are many ways to save money, but the most important one is not to pay extra for a product or products that We don't need them at all. When you don't spend unnecessarily on a product you don't need, you automatically save a lot of money.

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