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Dogs see the world with their nose!

BingMag.com <b>Dogs</b> <b>see</b> the <b>world</b> with <b>their</b> nose!

It is nothing new to admit that Dogs have always been known for their powerful ability to identify and track scents. But the interesting thing is that new studies show that important and interesting brain connections are effective in a dog's ability to smell; In fact, Dogs can see the world using their noses, in this case, the sense of smell of these creatures becomes more interesting.

Dogs understand the world with their nose!

It doesn't matter that Consider it man's best friend or a tracking expert! In fact, what is certain is that these animals are extraordinary. A dog's nose is an interesting tool in this animal, because it can easily track drugs or detect bombs in terrorist operations just by smelling them. Due to these special features, the researchers went to study this topic further and earlier this month they published the results of their study on dog brain communication in the Journal of Neuroscience (JNeurosci). In general, this study shows that vision and sense of smell are related in the dog's brain.

It is interesting to know that this connection has not yet been observed in any other animal. In this way, scientists believe that when Dogs smell, they can see using their noses! Of course, it should be noted that the mechanism of this connection inside the dog's brain is not exactly clear to us! This means that we have no certainty as to whether the odors become images for this animal or whether the dog detects them in some other way. that there is a neural connection between the occipital lobe of the brain and the olfactory bulb of the animal!

Neural connections between the sight and smell of dogs

BingMag.com <b>Dogs</b> <b>see</b> the <b>world</b> with <b>their</b> nose!

To find these neural connections, Philippa Johnson, neuroscientist and veterinarian, along with her team and professor at Cornell University, studied MRI scans of 23 dog samples. put. The results of these scans show the neural connection between the occipital lobe of the dog's brain and the olfactory bulb. As a result, this academic team believes that such a mechanism and communication allows Dogs to see with their noses!

Olfactory bulb (bulbus olfactorius) is a structure in the brain of vertebrates that is related to the function of smelling and detecting odors. In this regard, it is interesting to know that in most mammals, the olfactory bulb is located in the anterior part of the brain, but in humans, this part is located in the lower part of the brain (under the frontal lobe) and on the ethmoid bone.

Posterior lobe The cerebellum is where vision is processed. On the other hand, the olfactory bulb allows the brain to explore different smells. Despite the discovered connection between these parts, the researchers realized that the animal's brain can easily transfer information between these two parts. In such a case, odors are probably processed using images (similar to image processing in the visual part of the brain).

Last words

If Dogs can see with their noses, does this mean Does it mean that other animals also have this ability? Well, as we acknowledged in the first parts of this article, this is the first time we have seen such connections in an animal like a dog, and it is not clear if such connections are found in other creatures! However, more research is going on about this interesting brain mechanism.

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