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Does the skin of your hand show sensitivity to the Apple Watch? Do these things

BingMag.com Does the skin of your hand show sensitivity to the Apple Watch? Do these things

If you also have an Apple Watch because it is not compatible with the skin of your hand and you have seen issues such as allergies and inflammation, Apple suggests three Do what we're going to introduce in this article.

An American user from North Carolina named Ann Bryce recently claimed that the Apple Watch has inflamed the skin of her hand. He said in a statement that he felt his wrist was burning. He initially thought that a bee had gone under the clock and bitten him because he was burning badly and in pain. But later he realized that it was because of the smartwatch he was holding.

The Apple Watch can cause a series of reactions as well as skin sensitivity on some people's hands. The painful inflammation that was initially on his hand had caused severe burning. But the next morning, the size of Bryce's wrist got bigger. In fact, it is better to say that his wrist was swollen by about 5 to 6 cm. The sore spot was no longer small, this time turning into a large red circle. According to him, he had to make sure that his Apple Watch was safe and sound or that something needed to be done to improve its condition. Many users use these watches and they are right to be aware that one day these products may react strongly with their hands.

Research has shown that not only Bryce but also 18 Others have filed a similar complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Examining these complaints, we found that the Apple Watch can cause blisters, burns, burns and peeling of the hands, severe red inflammation, itching, dry eczema, and other problems in general. Even on Apple's own forum, we saw a picture of red spots on the skin that looked like a burn. The watch showed sensitivity and fuel. Of course, this happened while Apple tested the reference watch again under different conditions, but the watch never got hot enough to damage the skin of the hand. But he accepted Bryce's complaint and reimbursed him for all the cost of the watch. Your skin allergies are aware to refer to it and read the section. Although there is no evidence of burns or skin allergies from using the Apple Watch on this website, Apple has suggested that some people's skin may be sensitive to these watches. It also goes on to say that a small number of people may be allergic to certain substances due to their allergies, certain soaps, sweating, or environmental factors.

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What is the solution?

To prevent this from happening again, Apple offers its users the skin of their hands Keep your skin dry and clean, and be careful if your skin is sensitive to the default Apple Watch strap, use a third-party strap, or be very careful if you want to use a third-party strap. From a reputable company. Also, always try to keep your watch slightly loose on your wrist, as tightening your watch tightly can cause skin problems and allergies.

"Problems like this are very rare and there should be no need to worry about it at all," he said. "Skin allergies as a result of using a watch are an uncommon phenomenon that I do not even think about when buying a smartwatch."

Using nickel on smartwatches as well as the Apple Watch can Causes skin allergies

Dr. Feldman, in collaboration with a medical student, wrote a report on skin allergies caused by the use of the Apple Watch. They found that many smartwatches, including Apple Watch, used nickel, which can be a major cause of skin allergies. They also pointed out that in order for their smartwatch to now properly measure their heart rate and other sensors to perform better, they will have to hold it tighter on their hands, which in addition to the use of combinations. Chemicals in the construction of some parts of the watch can further increase inflammation.

Now the question is, if a user has sensitive skin, how can he use the Apple Watch or the smartwatch in general? Dr. Feldman says that since both the watch and the strap are in direct contact with the skin of the hand during the day or even at bedtime, you should first see if the skin on your hand is sensitive to the materials used at that time. No. If you have no allergies and still have a problem, it is most likely a problem with the watch and you should, like Bryce, report it to Apple. But the point is that if you return the watch to Apple, you may never be able to get it back.

The user will always have the right to return the product upon the manufacturer's request for a product return Problematic say "no". As a result, he does not have to convince himself with the manufacturer's answer, and instead will have the opportunity to investigate it himself, and if there is a problem, he will try to solve it himself. But the problem is that the users of our country do not have the option of returning to Apple in front of them and they have to choose the second option or discuss the matter with the relevant store.

As mentioned above, Bryce is not the first person to be allergic to the Apple Watch, and he certainly will not be the last. But the important thing is the number of people who have complained about it. We mentioned above that only 18 people are currently complaining about burns or allergies on their hands, and this number is very small for the company that is the leader in terms of smartwatch sales in the world.

Smartphones can also be seen when an explosion occurs, the camera module breaks, overheating occurs or the phone suddenly shuts down. There may be a few hundred reports of weird problems with a particular phone, but because there are millions of sales figures, these problems are not visible at all, and in fact, according to Dr. Feldman, are exceptional and uncommon.

So it can be said that the problem that may occur due to using the Apple Watch for the skin of the hand is easily treatable, but it seems that if you really have sensitive skin, you can no longer use this watch. Unless you are sensitive to the watch strap, which fortunately, thanks to third-party companies that make the strap, you can finally find a material that fits the skin of your hand.

Have you ever had a problem with your Apple Watch or smartwatch? Do you have skin allergies?

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