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Does it make sense to buy iPhone SE in 2021?

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy iPhone SE in 2021?

As you know, the iPhone SE 2020 is the most affordable iOS phone you can buy. Now we want to consider whether it makes sense to buy the iPhone SE 2020, which hit the market last year, in 2021 as well.

It's been almost a year since the iPhone SE 2020 hit the market, and still this The cheapest phone is the most powerful phone on the market, which is not as powerful as any other phone in the same price range. This phone was launched by Apple in line with the high demand of users from this company. As you probably know, last year many Apple users asked the company to launch its phones in the same small size. Apple also stunned in terms of sales after seeing the standard model of its flagships, which was the smallest of them all (like the iPhone 11 and XR), the iPhone SE 2020 not only with the appearance of the iPhones of the past few years, but also with the size 4 7 inches hit the market.

This policy worked very well. Although Apple could not provide a good battery for its small iPhone and the SE 2020 performed very poorly in this regard, the presence of the powerful A13 processor of the flagship iPhone 11 series made this phone do not lack in doing anything and this issue until Somewhat less the downside of this phone in terms of battery life. The iPhone SE 2020 was also reasonably priced to be one of the cheapest yet most powerful phones to hit the market from Apple.

Take a look at the hardware strength of the iPhone SE 2020

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy iPhone SE in 2021?

When the phone hit the market for less than $ 500, many users and fans of Apple products were able to easily Buy it. Many even bought it as a second phone alongside their powerful iPhone. While the iPhone SE 2020 was even more powerful in the benchmarks than its flagship Android counterparts. He pointed out that there are many margins around it. In 2020 or this year, a display of this small size will certainly not be able to meet all the needs of users. Also, its battery has a capacity of only 1820 mAh, which can not provide the necessary energy to make full use of the power of the A13 chip, nor can it keep the phone on for a reasonable period of time.

The question that arises is: Is the iPhone SE 2020 worth buying this year, given that it is still reasonably priced and last year became the second best-selling phone of the year, or are there better models compared to it? Compared to Samsung's most powerful mid-range device, the Galaxy A52 5G, it may have scored twice as many points in both the single-core and multi-core sections of the Geekbench benchmark, or even outperform some flagships in gaming, but is it? Overall it could be a good choice this year?

As mentioned, the iPhone SE 2020 is no longer a chore thanks to the powerful A13 chip and 3GB of RAM, which is perfect for iOS. Not only does it have no problems but it does all those activities as quickly as possible; Without slowing down or showing lag. So in terms of hardware power, this phone is definitely one of the most valuable products you can buy. Especially if we want to consider the price. But we know that the value of buying a phone is not determined by its hardware power.

Battery life

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy iPhone SE in 2021?

We come to the main drawback of the iPhone SE 2020, which is its battery life, which halves its purchase value. What bothered users about the iPhone SE 2020 was never the hardware power or the small display, but everyone had a problem with the low-capacity battery. The capacity of this battery, as mentioned, is only 1820 mAh; This means that it is suitable for tasks such as checking social networks or browsing due to its small screen, but it does not accompany you at all to play games or watch videos.

For example, the Galaxy A52 5G as One of the most expensive intermediaries with the iPhone SE 2020, it lasted 7 hours longer on the web (16 hours vs. 9 hours), appeared twice as good in streaming video as YouTube (8 hours vs. 4 hours), and finally The game was almost doubled (9 hours and 42 minutes vs. 5 hours). So you can see that the performance of this phone is very poor compared to the product with a 4500 mAh battery that is used in many mid-range phones these days.

Of course, if you have a plan for a short time from your phone Use it and buy a better model later, there is no doubt that the iPhone SE 2020 will meet your needs in the best possible way. The main problem starts when the storage time of the phone exceeds one year and reaches two years. This is where the real weakness of the phone comes into play. Of course, if you do not use your phone heavily from the beginning and take care of it properly, you can definitely continue to work with it for up to two years. But who can use a product equipped with an A13 processor to use it normally?

Is the quality of the iPhone SE 2020 camera still good?

iPhone SE 2020 as A $ 500 midrange uses only one camera on its back panel. You might have expected Apple to add at least one ultra-wide camera, but a company that launches its flagships with two cameras certainly can't be expected to have more than one camera for its midrange.

But how does this camera work? This phone is capable of shooting videos in 4K resolution at a speed of 24/30/60 frames per second. Even Samsung's new mid-range Galaxy A52 5G can't do that. Of course, it is very rare to see a medium that is capable of recording 4K video at 60 frames per second, which fortunately the iPhone SE 2020 is great in this regard.

In terms of photographic quality, everything is good . You may not be able to with different focal lengths; That means shooting with different lenses, but the same camera can go beyond your expectations. What is certain is that the iPhone SE 2020, if not at the level of the Android flagships, will definitely eliminate its expensive midrangees as opposed to the main camera.

Overall, the good camera performance, if not, is excellent ; Especially since we know we have $ 500 worth of products. Of course, the negative point about the camera of this phone is that the user can not shoot at night in night mode because the small iPhone does not support it. If that happened then we would all be in for a treat. You can see the difference in performance of the Pixel 5a as a mid-range intermediary with the iPhone SE 2020 in night light photography in the image below to see the effect of the lack of this functionality (night mode).

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy iPhone SE in 2021? BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy iPhone SE in 2021?

Is the new iPhone SE coming out in 2022?

Apple first Bar unveiled the iPhone SE in 2016. The product was supposed to be a cheaper model than the more expensive iPhones of the time, and it happened to sell very well. Despite this, Apple decided four years later, in 2020, to introduce a successor to the market. So the question remains, when will we see another iPhone SE unveiled?

Many news outlets believe that the new iPhone SE will not hit the market in 2021, and Apple wants to launch a replacement for the current model in the middle of next year. According to what has been released so far, apparently this new phone will also be equipped with 5G internet, which means that we will see more powerful and faster chips in it. It is also unlikely that Apple will increase its price, even as it is referred to as the cheapest iPhone in history. Of course, this is not what anyone wanted! A handful of users consider the iPhone SE 2020 to be a disadvantage because it does not support 5G internet because it does not have a good battery at all to accompany users when using such high speed internet.

So Should you buy an iPhone? SE 2020 can be reasonable in 2021?

Considering all that has been said, it seems that buying an iPhone SE 2020 in 2021 is not very logical in general, because when someone is more than 10 million Tomans It costs money to buy a phone, it has high expectations and it can not afford it. Because it does not have a good battery. If you want a powerful phone with a decent battery life that is both small in size, more modern and more beautiful in appearance, and equipped with better cameras, the iPhone 11 is our first and last suggestion.

For those who want a second phone alongside their powerful flagships and therefore do not use it much, the iPhone SE can be a good option. This does not mean that the phone has little processing power, but it does not have a good battery that you want to count on as your main phone during the day. Unless you have a power bank with you on a regular basis. Also, if you know you want to buy another phone after a year, you can put the iPhone SE in your shopping cart as a powerful phone.

What do you think about this phone? Do you think it makes sense to buy the iPhone SE 2020 in 2021 as the first phone? Then you can click on the displayed links to the page to buy phones that can be considered a competitor for iPhone SE 2020.

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