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Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

About a year has passed since the introduction of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as the latest flagship of Samsung's Galaxy Note series. But the question is, is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra worth buying in 2021, despite strong competitors from Xiaomi, Apple and even Samsung itself? In this article, we will examine this issue.

Note that this article is not just an expression of the views of the author of the source website, but also the personal opinions as well as the opinions of users who have purchased this product in the BingMag store. 2021 was literally a combination of success and failure for Samsung. While the company launched the Galaxy S21 series earlier this year, even six weeks earlier, at $ 200 less than the S20 series (with a reversal series, of course), it failed to meet the sales expectations. But on the other hand, with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 clamshell phones, it was able to attract positive comments from users. Of course, it is too early to talk about the success of these attractive phones, but it seems that Samsung can make a good profit through them.

So it seems that the company's product portfolio in 2021 is quite full. From different types of devices. But the vacancy of a popular phone was noticeably felt, and that was the Galaxy Note. Earlier this year, Samsung has largely confirmed that it will no longer be the Galaxy Note series and will be replaced by the Galaxy S21 clamshell and series phones.

Of course, this is the difference between the two. The Galaxy Note series has a stylus storage port inside, but the Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy Z Fold 3 only supports stylus, with no storage space in the phone itself. As a result, many users complained about Samsung's policy and demanded that the company unveil the Note at least once a year. But this does not seem to be the case, but instead the Korean company will launch at least one Ultra model from the Galaxy S series with a stylus holder. Of course, this news has not been officially confirmed yet, but it seems quite probable.

But if you can not wait for a smartphone from Samsung with support for the S-Pen and we want to buy one of them right now The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the only option in front of you. Apart from the S-Pen, this phone has many other features that make it suitable for users who want to have a unique Android experience. But this statement seemed very true when you bought this product when it first entered the market, that is, when many competitors did not enter the market. However, last year's flagship phones are still powerful and good enough to be categorized as one of the best this year. But does the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra fall into this category?

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra over time/

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is sold in our country, uses the Exynos 990 as its beating heart. Unless you can buy a model equipped with the Snapdragon 865 Plus chip. Otherwise, the Exynos 990-equipped model will definitely be sold in domestic stores, which is not very popular.

128/256/512 GB of internal memory, 120 Hz display + QHD OLED display, 4500 mAh battery, 25 watt charger and the like are good features of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This product also uses an external memory card slot so that those users who need more memory can do so without a hassle through a memory card. A relatively good feature not found in the flagships of the Galaxy S21 series.

Another good feature of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is that Samsung will update it to the new operating system for three years. Of course, this feature is not going to differentiate this phone from other Samsung phones, because all Samsung flagships from 2019 onwards are subject to this policy. But compared to other flagship companies from competing companies, this may be a little more effective. Thus, this phone will end its work by receiving Android 13, but it will continue to receive security updates until a year later. So you will have a good software experience with it.

The model that the source website reviewed over the past year was equipped with the Exynos 990, which could make the current story much more useful for internal users. Slow because in our country, as mentioned, the model equipped with this processor is sold. But there are different opinions about the hardware performance of this phone. A number of users have said that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra gets hot when playing heavy games or when shooting videos. In such a way that even the user's hand burns. Naturally, you do not want to pay more than $ 1,000 for a product that gets so hot while doing this. But the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra seems to have this problem.

But where does this problem come from? According to the studies that were done after the autopsy of this phone, we came to the conclusion that two types of cooling have been used in the production of this product. One has a multilayer graphite heat pad instead of copper, and the other has copper tubing and a steam chamber, the reason for which has not yet been determined.

PCWorld agreed that the phone would get hot even in the ordinary course of business, so this is not a coincidence and you might think you might have a lucky purchase. However, no one is lucky enough to buy a $ 1,000 phone.

There are generally two options; If the Galaxy Note 20 does not get hot, the experience will be the same as any other flagship phone, and you will get just as hot or occasionally overheated if you use it heavily. Otherwise, you should rest the phone after a few minutes of heavy use to cool it down. But in both cases, the phone has a very high capacity, and before it gets hot, you will not see any lag or slowness in playing games or running heavy applications.

But the hardware performance without having a proper battery It has no special value, otherwise the iPhone 12 Mini should have been at the top of smartphone sales now instead of stopping production. But the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra does not really perform well in terms of charge maintenance. Of course, if you are sure that you have a light use of it, you can count on its ability to hold a charge for a day, but no one will ever pay so much for a product that they want to use it normally.

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

Another good feature of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is that it has a stylus storage port rather than the other. As we saw in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the user does not have to pay a separate fee for the stylus and the case that holds it. So if you are one of those users who are very interested in using the pen, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can be a great choice for you. Especially in this generation, both the speed of the pen has increased and its quality and efficiency have improved. Of course, some users believe that it is not possible to work and write on the phone space, no matter how big they are, and to do this, you have to buy a tablet or a clamshell phone. However, this is a personal opinion and it remains to be seen exactly what each audience needs.

The best use of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra pen is not to write with it, but to control the phone itself remotely. For example, the user can use it as a camera shutter, which can be extremely useful when the phone is on a tripod and at a distance from the user. You can also use the stylus to control the media when the phone is connected to a larger display, which will be a great tool.

Another part of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that turns it into one It played a key role in the best phones of 2020, with a 120 Hz + QHD display with its OLED panel, which is still among the best. Of course, the limitation of this display is that you can not set the image resolution to QHD + when the refresh rate is at 120 Hz, which may be annoying, but when you look at the charge consumption, you will understand why Samsung made such a decision. However, the display of this product is adaptable and does not remain constant at 120 Hz. At the same time, for some, it may be frustrating to have to choose between image quality and smoothness.

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

One of the best features of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is its attractive design, which if we factor in the large protrusion of the camera module, we can say that it has no particular weaknesses. Samsung has used a curved display in the design of this product, but the corners at the top and bottom are slightly flat. You might think that such a design would not be good for a phone about 7 inches, because it might be difficult to hold, but we have to make sure that Samsung did a masterpiece in the design of this phone. Of course, if you have a small hand, you may not be able to use this phone as much as you should.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you should protrude the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera module as part of the design Let's take a unique factor because the amount of this protrusion is so high that it even causes the phone to slip clearly on a flat surface. However, the good images that this product captures may make you forget about this problem to some extent.

What is the shooting experience with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra after a year?/

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

But when it comes to shooting experience with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we found that it is not much different from the Galaxy S20 Ultra in terms of quality. For a flagship in 2020, the number, type and quality of lenses used in this phone was quite adequate and appropriate; A 108-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and a 12-megapixel telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom. We can not claim to be better than the flagships that hit the market in 2021. So do not expect a miracle, but keep in mind that the performance of this phone in this area is extraordinary. Especially since, unlike the flagship Ultra model of the Galaxy S20 series, an autofocus laser sensor was added to the phone to improve the quality of recorded images in both night and daylight.

But it seems It turns out that this phone has trouble controlling bright spots, like many of Samsung's flagships, which you can see below in comparison with Vivo's flagship, the Vivo X60 Pro Plus. In this image, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could not control the background brightness at all, while we see much more detail on the logo of the image of this phone.

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021? BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

To describe the performance quality of the ultra-wide camera, we can suffice to say that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra captures good ultra-wide images, which They have a very good quality in daylight, but you will not be safe from distortion. However, you will have a wide field of view and you can capture good images. Also, this camera does not use the autofocus feature, so that it is completely behind its main competitors in 2021 in this part.

We come to the main part of the story, the telephoto camera, which can be up to 5 times larger. Magnify the face optically and 50 times digitally. However, up to 10 times everything looks good and relatively good quality, but at 50x magnification, you will not see any special details.

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021? BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021? BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

In terms of video quality, Samsung usually tops the competition with There are Android flagships. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also has unparalleled performance in this area, with excellent performance in all areas of video recording, from dynamic range to detail and sharpness. The maximum resolution at which this phone is able to record video is 8K at 24 frames per second, which uses Super Steady and non-optical image stabilization. You can also record slow motion videos at 120 and 960 frames per second.

Of course, compared to the current flagships, this phone does not perform very well in video recording because, for example. When the Super Steady shaker is active in low light conditions, the recorded videos take on a jelly-like effect. Compared to competitors such as the OnePlus 9 Pro or Sony Xperia 1 brand 3, this product also performs worse in recording 4K videos at 120 frames per second. But overall, it's great for 2021.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra; A series of small and negligible problems

BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

Each product, in addition to its strengths, a series of points The downside is that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of those products. That's why we decided to mention them below so that if it does not suit your taste, you can take the necessary steps before buying.

The fingerprint sensor does not work exactly

since Samsung phones They were marketed with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, which has been cited as a weakness in all reviews, and we still see this problem despite the fact that more advanced technology has been considered for the Galaxy S21 series. Of course, the performance of the fingerprint sensor of these phones, which includes the Galaxy Note 20, is good in most cases, but once you do not expect it, it may not unlock the phone with the desired speed and accuracy.

Many times users do not know the exact location of the sensor and therefore the phone does not open. Unless features such as the monitor are always on or the phone is turned on to turn on the display to display the exact location of the sensor. Or the user has to press the power button himself to see the correct location of the sensor, put his hand on it. Otherwise, in most cases, they may touch the wrong place and the phone will not open. The problem of inaccuracy of the fingerprint sensor gets worse when you use a thick screen protector to protect the screen and that screen protector removes a lot of scratches and scratches. However, this sensor will not disappoint you more than 80% of the time.

One UI UI can be confusing by default

This is a weakness when it comes to Do not have a product from Samsung and just want to buy one of them. Because even if you have experience using products with Samsung Experience interface, One UI will not confuse you. But if you move from the Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, and especially Apple to the Galaxy, it will take you a while to get used to Samsung's busy, feature-rich interface. You can not discover all of them because you will not need some of them at all. For example, the power key also acts as a Bixby activator, which is not pleasant for many users and they have to disable it at the beginning.

Finally, we have to mention the back key, which sometimes when Pressing it may activate the Edge panel by mistake. This forces the user to use either the top left or the bottom half of the phone, which, due to its large size, naturally does not allow the user to do so. This means that few people hold the phone like this.

Charging speed

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra uses a 25-watt charger, which fortunately is included in the box, but this charger is for charging. The 4500 mAh battery of this product is not very fast and it takes about 70 minutes to charge it. This is a lot compared to the flagships that charge in less than 40 minutes these days, but at least you can hope that there is a charger in the box and you do not need to pay more for it.


BingMag.com Does it make sense to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021?

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a great phone. But at around $ 1,000, it's definitely cheaper than other high-end handsets from companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus, and even Samsung itself. As far as those users who are very interested in the pen are advised to buy this phone, otherwise we do not see any special advantage in it compared to current competitors.

For example, the Galaxy S20 fan Priced at around $ 600, the edition is better than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in terms of purchase value because it is reasonably priced and at the same time handles all user activity at high speed. Like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, this phone receives software updates for three years, so there is no reason to buy the Galaxy Note 20.

Products like the Poco F3 5G, Xiaomi Mi 11 Series, OnePlus 9 Pro And iPhones can be considered more valuable competitors in the price range. Of course, only the iPhone is more expensive than this phone, but the other phones mentioned at a lower price will give you better capabilities.

A problem that makes us consider buying the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2021 valuable and reasonable It is not at all clear what kind of cooler is used in it and whether your phone gets hot or not. As mentioned above, even in the reviews, the model equipped with Snapdragon 865 Plus got hot because it did not have good cooling, but at the same time the model equipped with Exynos 990 was not very hot.

In the market Our country, according to the buyers of the BingMag store, the main problem of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was the low capacity and high heat, both of which can not be easily ignored because they directly overshadow the user experience. 20 2020 S-Pen . 20 .


  • 120
  • S-Pen
  • ( )


  • 2021 ( )

Source Website Result: In some cases, even versions of the Snapdragon 865 Plus Galaxy Note 20 Ultra got hot during the review, while models with the Exynos 990 performed well to conclude that the real problem was the difference. It is in the type of cooling and not mainly the processor itself.

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