Does iPhone 14 crash detection work properly?

One of the YouTube users decided to test the iPhone 14's crash detection function with a real test. Does iPhone 14 crash detection work properly?

One of the YouTube users decided to test the iPhone 14's crash detection function with a real test.

If you followed the unveiling event of the iPhone 14 series, you probably know that this year Apple has added a feature called Crash Detection to these products and also to its smart watches, which thanks to a series of advanced and new sensors can detect when accident, by recognizing this issue, send an emergency message. Of course, this is in the condition that the user does not respond to the phone for a few seconds.

Although this is a feature that we hope you will never use, it is still one of the best features of Apple products that can be used in situations Hard to help users. The ability to detect accidents has been mentioned in many reviews of the iPhone 14 series, but none of them were able to test it in practice to see if its performance is really accurate or not. Although it was natural for this to happen.

But a YouTube user decided to do this strange test in real conditions to see if all the claims made by Apple about this feature are true or not. In this test, an iPhone 14 Pro is placed inside an unmanned vehicle to determine what impacts it can recognize as an accident and activate.

In this approximately six and a half minute video, this YouTube user He tried to simulate the accident in different conditions. Small speed bumps don't trigger this feature according to the data, but in two crash tests, the iPhone 14 Pro was able to correctly detect that a crash had occurred. Note that this feature was implemented when there was no driver in the car and no one was around. On the other hand, this feature is not available in our country, so it is suggested that if you buy an iPhone 14, do not test its correct performance in real conditions.

What makes this video attractive is that it can detect It is slightly more crash sensitive than Apple claims. In this way, the accident may not be very severe, but still your phone or watch can detect it thanks to its advanced sensors. This means that the car does not need to deviate or, God forbid, turn upside down; The same loud noise caused by accidents can activate the mentioned feature.

Apple said in relation to this feature:

With a dual-core accelerometer capable of measuring G-force up to 256 G As well as a high dynamic range gyroscope, iPhone's crash detection feature can detect when you're in a serious crash and automatically call emergency services. This feature also uses sensors in the phone such as a pressure gauge to detect changes in the pressure in the car cabin, GPS to change the speed suddenly (speed decreases suddenly in accidents) and the microphone to detect a loud sound that is created as a result of a collision. . This feature has been tested over millions of hours of crashes to ensure its accurate performance.

You can watch the test video below. If you want to see the video with more quality, you can refer to the source website.

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