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A doctor uses the iPhone 13 Pro Max macro mode to examine patients' eyes

The iPhone 313 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are the first Apple phones to offer macro shooting. The camera of these two models can capture images of subjects at a distance of 2 cm or closer, which is suitable for photographing insects and elements in nature. But an ophthalmologist uses this mode to examine users' eyes!
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max camera scan; Apple's most advanced camera

According to Apple, users can use the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max ultra-wide-angle camera to capture stunning images that focus on life. The real one appears larger and has a minimum focal length of 2 cm. Macro imaging capability is also included in slow motion and timelps shooting modes.

BingMag.com A doctor uses the iPhone 13 Pro Max macro mode to examine patients' eyes

According to a post recently published on LinkedIn, the use of macro mode also seems to apply in the medical world. Dr. Tommy Korn, an ophthalmologist, mentioned on his social media account that he used the iPhone 13 Pro Max to take macro pictures of his patients' eyes.

This feature allows Apple's new flagships Details Examine the image in the image and check the health of the eyes's in this way. Became himself. Recorded eye images of this person, which were also published in the doctor's post, were used to monitor the extent of recovery from the patient's cornea.

BingMag.com A doctor uses the iPhone 13 Pro Max macro mode to examine patients' eyes

Mr. Doctor stated in his note:

This week I used the iPhone 13 Pro Max for macro eye photography. I'm impressed. It will revolutionize eye health and telemedicine. I'm eager to see where it goes Pictures of a patient being treated for a corneal graft scratch. Has also benefited. The two ophthalmologists believe that this new feature of the iPhone 13 Pro's camera will help grow and innovate in the field of "remote therapy".

Unlike companies like Motorola, which use macro cameras for this type of photography Apple has added macro photography features to its camera without adding a new lens. The upgraded ultra-wide lens used in the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max is equipped with a 120-degree viewing angle and an f/1.8 aperture.

  • 3 years ahead of schedule

Of course, this is not the first time Dr. Korn has used Apple devices to help his patients. In November last year, he published a post on his LinkedIn account announcing his success in using Apple's open source CareKit platform to develop a health app.

Get help. With this app, patients can be notified of reminders and messages related to their condition through their Apple Watch. They believe that this app was able to help a lot of its patients who needed surgery during the Covid-19 epidemic.

This app, called Sharp Health Companion, is available through the App Store. During this period, inform patients about the necessary care during quarantine and how to perform Covid tests before surgery.

Source: Phone Arena

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