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Do you need to install the optional Windows 10 driver update?

BingMag.com Do you need to install the optional Windows 10 driver update?

In Windows 10, many hardware updates are no longer mandatory, and users can choose whether or not to install these updates at their own discretion. . Here's how.

Only install them if you have a good reason

Simply put, among these optional driver updates only Install items for a good reason. In other words, if the system and all hardware components are doing well, you should not install any of these updates.

But if there is a problem with your system hardware, it is better to have the updates available for them Check and install them if any. For example, if the printer does not work properly or the sound card has a problem, it is better to see if an update has been released for the drivers in question.

What is the optional driver update? <//>

Windows 10 installs many driver updates automatically. But from early 2020, two types of drive updates will be offered; Automatic and optional updates.

BingMag.com Do you need to install the optional Windows 10 driver update?

The decision on whether these updates are automatic or optional is the responsibility of the manufacturers It is the desired parts that specify this issue while uploading the desired update. In most cases, updates that are automatically installed by Windows work well, and you no longer need to install separate updates for your driver. However, if you are a gamer, it is recommended that you always manually install the latest graphics card updates.

However, in some cases, a piece of hardware may cause problems. For example, if Wi-Fi is frequently disconnected and reconnected or the printer has a problem, installing optional driver updates for these components may resolve the issues.

How to install optional driver updates? >

To check this out, go to Settings, then Update & Security, and finally Windows Update. You can press the Windows and i keys to open the Settings window.

BingMag.com Do you need to install the optional Windows 10 driver update?

Click on the View Optional Updates link. If you do not see this option, then you have not received any optional updates at this time. You can also click the Check for Updates button to review existing updates.

After clicking on the link, you should click Driver Updates to check for driver updates to open this section. If you do not see this name, then there is no optional update for your system drivers, and these updates are related to software features.

BingMag.com Do you need to install the optional Windows 10 driver update?

In this section you can see the name of the manufacturer, type of hardware, date and driver update version. Some of these drivers show false history and some have no history at all. To install any of these driver updates, just check it and then click the Download and Install button at the bottom.

BingMag.com Do you need to install the optional Windows 10 driver update?

To remove any of these updates, you must go to the Hardware section of the Windows Device Manager. In any case, we have to repeat once again that if any of the Windows 10 hardware has encountered a problem, it is better to refer to this section, and perhaps installing the optional update will solve the problem.

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