Do magnets really damage phones and computers?

Many users believe that magnets can damage all kinds of electronic devices. But is such a belief really true? We will discuss this issue further. Do magnets really damage phones and computers?

Many users believe that magnets can damage all kinds of electronic devices. But is such a belief really true? We will discuss this issue further.

Why are people worried about magnet damage?

Concerns about magnets and damage to electronic devices are not completely unfounded. In fact, it is scientifically valid. However, if you are concerned about this, we must first say that it is very difficult and very rare to damage electronic devices with magnets. . For example, the Wi-Fi router in your home uses the same frequency as a microwave (2.4 GHz); But the level of power and concentration of energy emitted by both are completely different. You can boil a cup of water in your microwave in no time, but the amount of microwave energy emitted by your Wi-Fi router is so low that you cannot raise the same cup of water even one degree. Do magnets really damage phones and computers?

We can apply the same concept to the discussion of magnets. Most of the magnets in your environmentfridge magnets, magnetic locks on tablet cases, etc.are very weak magnets. They are only strong enough to do what they are designed to do and no more.

But on the other hand, there are very powerful electromagnets and neodymium magnets that can cause problems for electronic devices. create a lot and sometimes even delete data from devices. But these types of powerful magnets are mainly found in industrial, medical and laboratory environments. Next, we discuss the dangers that magnets can cause to electronic devices.

Can a magnet damage my computer or laptop?

If your computer It uses old hard drives, there is always a possibility of being damaged by a strong magnet. Of course, this possibility is very small. So unless you put a large neodymium magnet directly on the hard drive or put your laptop in an industrial gasifier, you won't have any problems. Do magnets really damage phones and computers?

As a result, if, for example, your child has placed some fridge magnets or magnetic toys on your computer or laptop, you should not have any worries. These small magnets are so weak that they have nothing to say about the power of the magnets used in the hard disk. On the other hand, if you use SSD memory, these types of memory are completely safe from magnets and will not be damaged.

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    Can a magnet damage my phone?

    There are some subtle points to note about whether a magnet can damage a phone. . At first glance, the answer to this question is negative. Because none of the smartphones have parts like hard disk and similar things. Therefore, in most cases, no damage is caused to the phone by ordinary magnets. It should be noted that some phones, such as iPhones, use relatively large magnets, which in the case of iPhones, this feature is used for MagSafe.

    However, sometimes magnets can cause minor and temporary problems for Create phones. Inside the phones, magnets are used for various purposes such as lens stabilization. So placing the magnetic frame close to the sensors can disable them temporarily. Do magnets really damage phones and computers?

    On the other hand, in Currently, a variety of lenses are sold for mobile cameras, some of which use a magnetic base to attach to the phone. After using these devices, you may face problems related to autofocus and optical image stabilization. Magnets can also cause problems for the compass inside the phone.

    Such problems are usually resolved immediately after removing the magnet, and sometimes the phone itself adapts to its new situation. If you are looking to use such accessories but you don't want to face problems, it is better to choose among the accessories made by reputable companies. Do not place next to very strong magnets, they will not cause any serious problems. Therefore, if you keep your phone, laptop, computer and other gadgets away from industrial magnets, you will never face problems related to this issue.

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